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Collagen KFS


"Collagen KFS" is a structured collagen of functional state. Collagen – this substance has gained particular popularity recently

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"Collagen KFS" structured collagen functional state

Collagen – this substance has gained particular popularity recently. The skin has lost its elasticity, wrinkles have appeared - you need collagen! Hair is dull, nails are peeling and breaking - you need collagen! Joints hurt, ligaments have lost their elasticity - you need collagen!

And in pursuit of health, youth and beauty, people buy powders, tablets, creams and even marmalade with supposedly miraculous collagen. But for the miracle of healing and rejuvenation to happen, it is important what kind of collagen you take, whether it has retained its beneficial properties during the production process and whether it is absorbed by the body. First, let's figure out what collagen is and what role it plays in the human body.

The most important functions of collagen:

Collagen is the main structural protein, a building material that forms the basis of the body’s connective tissue and ensures its strength and elasticity. It is from collagen fibers that a kind of frame is formed, on the basis of which the human skeleton and muscles are built. Collagen is responsible for the condition of ligaments, joints, tendons, bones, cartilage, muscle tissue, skin, blood vessels, internal organs, hair, nails, in fact, for the full functioning of the entire body.

The body is capable of producing a sufficient amount of collagen on its own, but only up to a certain age. As you grow older, this process slows down and then completely fades away. After 20 years, a person loses 1-1.5% of his body's collagen annually. After 45 years, the body experiences an acute deficiency of collagen, and after 60 years, this protein completely stops being produced. As a result, the musculoskeletal system and the walls of blood vessels suffer, and the process of skin withering accelerates. Therefore, the body needs support in the form of this valuable protein.

"Collagen KFS" combines the power and strength of the corrector, on which it is structured during the production process, with the complex effects of collagen types I, II and III. This health “cocktail” is harmoniously complemented by macro- and microelements and a rich amino acid composition..to everyone who cares about preserving and
For children to strengthen the immunity of the skin and mucous membranes, for the speedy healing of wounds
For teenagers to harmonize the nervous system, improve memory and assimilate information during a period of active growth
For adults who take care of their appearance, to prevent age-related changes, for skin elasticity, hair thickness and strengthening nails
For women and men over 35 years of age for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, to reduce rehabilitation time after operations and injuries
For older people to slow down degenerative changes in joints and ligaments
For athletes at any age (even up to 25 years old) for faster recovery after intense physical activity, to prevent the occurrence of injuries on the body:
Promotes comprehensive healing, has a targeted effect, depending on the FSC on which it is structured
Strengthens cartilage, tendons, bones, ligaments and joints
Increases the mobility of joints, cartilage and tendons
Provides the necessary tone and elasticity of blood vessels
Stimulates active blood supply to muscle tissue
Ensures continuity of cell renewal processes
Provides the body with essential amino acids
Accelerates wound healing and body recovery in the postoperative period and after injuries
Speeds up metabolism
Helps eliminate toxins
Increases skin elasticity, moisturizes and evens out its texture, reduces wrinkles
Strengthens nails, improves hair condition, you get comprehensive restoration and rejuvenation of the body: healthy joints, strong ligaments, elastic blood vessels, elastic skin, strong nails and g
Recommendations for use

“Collagen KFS” is recommended to be consumed in the first half of the day during the food break (30 minutes before or 30 minutes after meals) from 1 teaspoon (5 g) to 1 tablespoon (10 g) with a glass of warm water (150- 200 ml). If desired, the jelly can be melted in a water bath and diluted in a glass of water.
At the age of 25 to 45 years, the course of application is 3 months, 2 times a year. The break between courses is 3 months.
After 45 years, to start rejuvenating processes, after operations, injuries, when playing sports, you can take it constantly, without interruption..depending on the type of pathology, gender and weight
In the case of osteoarthritis (degenerative-dystrophic disease of the joints, the main pathology in the structure of diseases of the musculoskeletal system), in order to achieve positive changes in the structure of cartilage, reduce pain, improve physical activity, during the rehabilitation period after surgical interventions, it is possible to increase the daily dose to 20 –40 g.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components included in the composition, allergy to chicken protein, acetic acid.
Storage conditions: the product is sterilized, stored in its original closed packaging, protected from direct sunlight and out of reach of children at a temperature from 0 ° C to +25 ° C; after opening, store in the refrigerator at a temperature from 0 ° C to + 8 ° C for no more than 3 months.

Do not freeze the product! Avoid moisture and direct exposure to sunlight!
Shelf life: 12 months from the date of manufacture, subject to storage conditions.
Shelf life after opening the package: 3 months..

"Collagen KFS" has a number of significant advantages:

During the production process, collagen is structured on a specific corrector of the functional state, which significantly increases its effectiveness and the direction of its effect on the body
Thanks to the combination of collagen types I, II and III, it has a complex effect on the entire body, heals and strengthens joints, ligaments, blood vessels, rejuvenates and improves the condition of skin, hair and nails (for comparison: bovine or porcine collagen - type II - affects only joints , ligament cartilage; collagen from fish raw materials – type I and III – only for skin, hair, nails, blood vessels)
Contains vital amino acids, macro- and microelements
During production, collagen is not denatured, i.e. Deprived of natural properties under the influence of various destabilizing factors, including not being exposed to critically high and low temperatures, which allows you to maintain the sequence of amino acids in collagen chains intact, and accordingly, preserve beneficial properties (for comparison: dry collagen and restored from dry - denatured in the process production, i.e..The structure of the protein was destroyed, as a result it lost its beneficial properties)
New filtration technology allows you to obtain the product as purified as possible (odorless, without sediment, with transparency up to 90%) without destroying amino acid chains
Made from environmentally friendly collagen-containing chicken raw materials - (the poultry is grown without antibiotics)
It has a 100% natural composition, without GMOs, gluten, lactose, dyes, without added sugar
Easily absorbed due to the hydrolyzate form (98% digestibility), while the digestibility of collagen in tablets or powder is only 25%
The body gives an adequate enzymatic response and absorbs it exactly like collagen (for comparison: dry collagen and reconstituted from dry is absorbed like regular protein)
Does not require additional intake of vitamin C, while dry collagen and regenerated from dry require intake of this vitamin
It is distinguished by its multi-molecular properties, which increases its effectiveness and digestibility, the ability to penetrate into any “corners” of the body, fill the intercellular space, and participate in the biochemical processes of the cell
Triggers the synthesis of your own collagen
Has a cumulative effect and prolonged action
The safety and quality of the product is confirmed by certificates of compliance with environmental requirements and international safety standards

The innovative production technology of “collagen KFS” has no analogues.
In the production of collagen:
Does not undergo denaturation, i.e. Deprivation of natural properties under the influence of various destabilizing factors.
Not exposed to critically high and low temperatures.
The entire process takes place at a temperature no higher than 59 °C, which allows you to keep the sequence of amino acids in the collagen chains intact and, accordingly, preserve the beneficial properties.

Thanks to nature-like extraction technology, collagen hydrolyzate is a food product and has the highest bioavailability (98%), and the technology of structuring collagen with functional state correctors during production allows achieving its maximum effectiveness. Together they work with redoubled force to maintain the elasticity of ligaments, flexibility of joints and firmness of the skin.
New filtration technology allows you to get the product as pure as possible, without breaking the peptide chains..
The safety and quality of the product is confirmed by certificates:
Certificates of compliance with environmental requirements confirm the high level of quality environmental characteristics of products
Certificates of compliance with international safety standards ISO and HACCP confirm that products are manufactured to strict standards in compliance with all regulations and are not capable of harming human health
Features of structuring
During the production process, collagen is structured on certain functional state correctors with 8 elements, which significantly enhances its effectiveness and direction of impact on the body
Collagen already has its own structure, and with the help of correctors it is possible to increase its biologically active resonance effect on the human body an order of magnitude higher
FSCs create spiral-shaped electromagnetic waves, which allow further structuring of protein structures
Collagen is a protein, and protein structures can only be structured in production during the process of extraction, filtration at the phase transition from a liquid to a gel state, therefore special attention is paid to such an important process
The hot fraction is first structured at several CFSs, then poured and cooled
“collagen KFS” with white grape flavor is structured on the KFS “nine healers”
Aimed at comprehensive physical recovery, relieves fatigue, rejuvenates the body
Works for global and fundamental improvement of the cardiovascular, female reproductive, genitourinary systems, gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, spleen
Works with the spine, fills with healing energies of health
Works with the intellect, cognitive functions of the brain, harmonizes and stabilizes the work of the right and left hemispheres, allows you to unlock potential, show talent and realize creativity through love
Works with the throat center - helps to formulate and voice thoughts, speak to an audience, is effective for infectious diseases of the throat, reduces pain
Gives energy for new actions, enthusiasm, lightness, optimism to step into a new life
Grapes have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, have a tonic and strengthening effect
Resveratrol, which grapes are rich in, is one of the powerful natural antioxidants that prolongs life and reduces age-related changes
Resveratrol stimulates the production of collagen and protects the body from many diseases: reduces the risk of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system, osteoporosis, degenerative diseases of the nervous system, helps prevent age-related, inflammatory and metabolic damage to the joints, improves vision, memory and has a stress-protective effect
Composition and release form
Release form
“KFS collagen” with white grape flavor is available in 400 g cans..

food grade collagen hydrolyzate, concentrated grape juice, purified water, food flavoring, sodium benzoate.
Nutritional value per 100 g of product: proteins – 5.0 g, fats – 0.1 g,
carbohydrates – 7.5 g.
Energy value (calorie content)

Scientific research:
Taking collagen hydrolyzate before and after operations in patients with critical ischemia of the lower extremities (a state of almost complete cessation of arterial blood flow to the tissues of the lower extremities) reduces the number of infectious complications, shortens the period of rehabilitation and hospitalization
Collagen hydrolyzate has a complex effect, since it contains all 3 types of collagen (i, ii and iii), and is multi-molecular (molecular weight from 12-250 kDa)
Collagen hydrolyzate already after 1 month reduces pain (both at rest and during physical activity) in patients who have undergone orthopedic surgery on the knee and hip joints, increases the range of motion in the operated joint, and shortens the rehabilitation period
Interesting facts
The production of your own collagen in the body begins to gradually decline after the age of 25, and existing collagen is destroyed faster.
After 45 years, the body experiences an acute deficiency of collagen; this process becomes more noticeable by the age of 50-60. Women experience a significant decrease in collagen production after menopause.
At the age of 20, the body is capable of producing approximately 6 kg of collagen per year, and after 35 years this figure rapidly decreases to 3 kg, after 40 to 1.5 kg per year and beyond.
Women have lower collagen density than men. This is one reason why men tend to age more slowly than women.
Collagen levels in the body are reduced by the following factors: smoking, eating too much sugar and refined carbohydrates, excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation, stress, sleep problems.
Cortisol is called the stress or fear hormone; it is produced in the adrenal cortex when a person feels threatened or experiences strong emotional stress. Under the influence of cortisol, collagen bonds are destroyed. This is why it is so important to reduce your stress levels and maintain a positive attitude.
As a result of a sedentary lifestyle, the process of collagen production slows down..And regular exercise, swimming, running, gym classes, dancing improves blood circulation and speeds up metabolism, which promotes collagen synthesis.
Replenishing collagen deficiency with food is very problematic. So, for example, to obtain the daily norm of collagen (approximately 10 g), you need to eat more than 2 kg of jellied meat, although it is permissible to consume no more than 100-150 grams at a time.

Collagen can be used to improve sleep and improve performance. Research shows that glycine, which is a component of collagen, improves sleep quality, relieves symptoms of sleep deprivation, helps eliminate anxiety, and increases concentration.
The so-called “plant collagen” does not exist, it is just a marketing ploy. Plants do not have collagen; it is a protein of exclusively animal origin.