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FSC Time of Happiness


The polarization of the energy channel is registered on the FSC at 03:45 am Moscow time..

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....

The polarization of the energy channel is registered on the FSC at 03:45 am Moscow time.
The time for structuring (informatization) of water is 15 minutes.
There is no need to open the channel additionally; it starts independently when working with FSC.

Synchronizes the user with all dimensions, which at 03:45 are aligned into one axis, where all “Selves” meet at one point in space and time
Updates and reboots the user’s information and energy systems
Opens a portal of descending beneficial energies of the Almighty
Helps to increase the level of rationality, meaningfulness and awareness of a person
Helps to independently adjust mental attitudes in order to restart a person’s will according to the information received from the information field and from the user’s Spirit of Mentor
Balances the past and the future, while not cutting off the experience gained, but taking the best and necessary from the past in the awareness that there is a future
Activates the energies of the “elixir of maximum performance” in any activity of the user, powerfully grounds, fills with energy stability
Makes it possible to recharge your “energy batteries” at any time when the user needs it, i.e. you can hold in your hands the “bird of happiness” (energy state) according to your mood and desire
Includes the user in the correct rhythm of life, activates the spark of life, i.e..synchronizes the user with all processes occurring around both at a given moment in time and in the perspective vector, depending on the starting point of being in the present
Fills with energy support, helps restore the internal resource of strength and energy, acts as a regulator and stabilizer of the psycho-emotional, physical, mental state of the user
Includes self-tuning of all life algorithms for the user under the guidance of the “Master” of these settings - the Almighty (Mentor, Higher Powers, God - as it is clearer and more common to call it)
Activates first of all the 6th and 7th EC, from them the energy purposefully goes to the 8th and 4th EC, then opens the 4th and descends to the 3rd EC
Aligns with the flow of energy in order to launch the process of self-regulation and cleansing of energy centers
Helps to connect with your age-old wisdom, will unpack those energies and knowledge that are needed right now, can immerse the user in a meditative state of mind and the body as a whole (if appropriately requested)
Includes the state of the Inner Observer, teaches you to hear your “voice of silence”, understand the meaning of the conscious presence of yourself in your life
Increases a person's potential for absolute love for himself, for others and for the world
Fills with a feeling of security that in this life you can go through, overcome, know everything, a calm state of absolute love blossoms inside the user at the Soul level, at the mental level the Soul begins to sing along with the entire Universe
Updates the user's quantum life support programs
Allows the user to reformat himself to a higher frequency range
Launches the process of updating the physical body by changing for the better the parameters of the mental, astral and etheric levels
Activates the energies of longevity in a person at his request up to a certain age, taking into account his positive aspects of life and aspirations for knowledge of Spiritual truths
Enables the processes of “alchemy of reality”, opening the positive portal of the Soul
Helps trigger internal insights in the user
Helps to unite the body, mind and soul of a person
Brings human energies into alignment with nature and reunites with the energies of the Universe
Activates the mental aspect of a person’s sincere thoughts
Enables a person to exit through the portal of the Almighty into the world information systems
Opens a “window” of life opportunities for the user to choose their path
Gives the user adaptation to the changing parameters of the space-time continuum of the world
Allows the user to make the desired adjustments to their life program

Recommendations for using the FSC “TIME OF HAPPINESS”:

The flow of energy through the spine passes quickly, and through the body gently, slowly, attuning the organs with true health information, i.e..e. sets the parameters of a healthy organ
FSC is necessary for every person! To be able to be in a resourceful state, recover quickly, switch to a positive energy state of happiness
FSC energy is creative, constructive, good for projects of any kind, for the birth of children
When working with FSC, it is important to formulate either a request on a topic that is relevant to you, or to receive a ruling from the Spirit of the Mentor (through sleep, meditation and other practices), i.e. It is important to understand the user - why did he turn to the energies of this channel
You can put it on the level of the 5th EC and ask for your wish to be fulfilled. The energy of the channel will be attuned to this desire and, if it is in the person’s program, then implementation will take place faster. Technique: formed a desire, placed the Corrector on the EC, voiced the request, and there is no need to imagine possible ways to achieve it, but only the final goal, all obstacles will go away. Important - desires must be exclusively environmentally friendly in relation to other people and the world
You can set programs to improve the health of the body, express intentions to improve health and heal the body and Soul through awareness and understanding of the causes of diseases on the physical and subtle levels. If there is no specific request, then the FSC energies will actively cleanse and fill the EC
The portal of the Almighty (time 03.45) has a “mirror” basis: by initially sending high wishes to other people (love, happiness, health), we receive this for ourselves. Therefore, when working with FSC, you cannot complain about life, fate, health, or the negative behavior of other people - only through positive thoughts can you make changes to the present and future
If there is a desire for physical rejuvenation, then it is important to indicate that this is necessary for further endless Spiritual growth and development