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FSC Magic Cradle


Aimed at supporting the user during sleep, providing the opportunity to get complete rest, relaxation, restoration of physical and moral strength

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
The polarization of water is registered on the FSC on June 18, 2022, on the day of the sorcerer Dorotheus.
Water structuring time is 20 minutes.

Awakens in the user one of the forms of clairvoyance - the ability to see prophetic dreams
Gives you the ability to control your dreams: carefully, measuredly and gradually introduces you into the world of lucid dreams, you come to understand that all the answers are within yourself, you just need to be able to listen and hear your intuition
Helps to receive tips on various life issues and situations in a dream, signs of Higher Powers without external illusions
Aimed at supporting the user during sleep, providing the opportunity to get complete rest, relaxation, restoration of physical and moral strength
Helps to ward off trouble if the dream was difficult, with a negative scenario
Helps to “throw off masks”, get out of the world of illusions, ask yourself: who am I, why am I here, what is my true purpose and get information
Helps the user day after day to awaken the true inner light in his Soul, strengthen faith, connect with his inner world, increase the sensitivity of perception of the World
Helps erase all types of restrictions and dogmas - mental, emotional, spiritual - everything that prevents the user from becoming himself, showing his truth, engaging in self-knowledge
Fills you with freedom to love, feel, see, understand yourself, other people and the world around you, live life to the fullest - “fly”
Works in rehabilitation protocols to improve hormonal levels, to cleanse the bronchopulmonary and lymphatic systems of the body from all congestion
In cosmetology it is recommended to use for any type and method of hair depilation on the face and body
Helps in the fight against weeds, so the Corrector should be used when weeding beds, flower beds, greenhouses, etc. (see Recommendations for use)
Helps to increase the yield of cucumbers with a formulated express request to Dorofey through the use of FSC (see..Recommendations for use)
Works with animals for health and healing
When interacting with others, the FSC reveals the knowledge and secrets of any Corrector, helps to understand their essence, reads and puts information into the unconscious, from where the user then receives information priority through dreams

Recommendations for the use of the FSC “MAGIC Cradle”

FSC is suitable for everyone - from a baby to a venerable old man
FSC is included in the work through the hands (palms): hold in your hands when meeting and at any other moment for instant connection with the energies of the plate
Place the FSC at the head of the bed or under the pillow during sleep: the healing energy will harmonize your state, help you get a good night's sleep, and immerse yourself in the mysteries of existence through dreams
If you dreamed about something bad or incomprehensible, then the FSC user can ask Dorofey for help through the Corrector
An indispensable FSC for stress, severe fatigue, increased stress (both emotional and physical)
A necessary tool for the work of pediatricians, osteopaths, psychologists, teachers, educators, healers
Use in rehabilitation programs for bronchopulmonary diseases, incl. after epidemics and pandemics together with FSC “GIFT OF FIRE”, “PETROVOCHKA”, “GIFT OF HEAVEN”
Take the FSC “MAGIC cradle” in your left hand and any other Corrector in your right hand, sit with your eyes closed or even meditate to better understand and feel other Correctors
Harmonizes the mother's condition, helps mothers (especially small children) to rest, get enough sleep, and relax during sleep. In the daytime, place the FSC on yourself and take it in your hands or by the hand of a child, incl. with developmental characteristics and behavioral disorders (ADHD - attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum, etc.)
Helps reduce aggression and short temper in men
To increase the yield of cucumbers, the request is formulated in the following way: “how thickly this bast shoe is woven, so that my cucumbers are woven.” With these words, you need to throw your old shoes (1 piece) off your feet into the greenhouse, onto the bed where the cucumbers grow. The ritual is especially effective 18..06, but also possible on other days
When weeding, attach the FSC to your wrist or to a convenient place on the body so as not to interfere with physical work
Structure the products you use during and after hair removal (gels, creams, oils); for laser, photo- and electrical hair removal, apply the plate to the devices during the procedure
Use it as a powerful amulet for your home and family. Cook food with structured water (pancakes, pies, etc.). Place the plate on the dining table to bring the family together through shared meals