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FSC Wind of Change


The polarization of the energy channel of the date 09/08/2023 is registered on the FSC - the holiday of the Heavenly Host under the auspices of Kshatra-Varyu in the Zoroastrian tradition..

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
The polarization of the energy channel of the date 09/08/2023 is prescribed on the FSC - the holiday of the Heavenly Host under the auspices of Kshatra-Varyu in the Zoroastrian tradition.

Water informationization time is 20 minutes.

Helps eliminate fears associated with the opportunity to express oneself, take an active position in life, gives energy and determination to take positive risks, encourages new beginnings, promotes readiness to do the work, to take the first step. That is, not just hope for luck in a passive state of contemplation and inaction, but start moving towards goals, dreams, new work
Strengthens observation, attention to detail, aims to increase the sharpness and criticality of thinking
Accelerates the speed of thinking and at the same time gives composure, stability and a state of internal permission to oneself in order to come to a better decision
Teaches you to live at a fast pace of life with the necessary strength and resources to achieve your goal (business, sports, training and everything that the user needs)
Helps you adapt to the current flow of accelerated life, allows you to comfortably enter the rhythm and follow it confidently and calmly, without tension
Helps to master a large amount of information for students, schoolchildren during preparation for olympiads, exams, also in scientific work and everyone who is engaged in mental work
Activates the user’s energy of courage, bravery and boldness, gives confidence in victory, fearlessness
Patronizes everyone who performs military duty, and also goes through life with courage and bravery, fights for truth, victory and prosperity for all people
Gives the user insight and awareness in terms of choosing their path of spiritual development
Helps the user in life to make the right internal choice, to remain on the side of good and light, opens the ability to predict dangers, calculate all the moves, possibilities and options for the development of even the most unexpected situations
Includes all ECs up the spiral from 1st to 7th
Activates the user's Air Element energy
Effectively activates and works the 2nd EC (chakra)
Strengthens business acumen, gives determination, strength and energy to conduct business, plan and implement business processes
Gives an understanding of what the other person needs in order to negotiate with him on mutually beneficial terms
It helps to consciously and environmentally wear different social “masks”, change them in relation to others, without changing yourself, your personality..“Masks” are our roles in life: mom/dad, sister/brother, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, business partner/colleague, etc. The user consciously chooses who he is now, what his role is, in order to manifest himself as clearly and truly as possible in these relationships or contacts
Shows and enhances acting talent, which also helps to adapt to the modern world and society
Clears the space of all negative things (people, phenomena, influences)
Fills the space with pure energy of calm, harmony, pleasure
Restores righteousness, harmony and understanding in the user's life, awakens faith in the interconnection and holiness of natural elements, in the victory of good and light over evil and chaos
Patronizes users who follow the path of a warrior against injustice for a just cause, provides assistance in the fight against “dark” forces, takes under the protection of the weak and unfairly injured, puts the user under the protection of Divine power
Gives victorious strength and energy immunity from all blows of fate
Protects the user's Soul from low-frequency vibrations, maintaining purity and chastity in it, protects from bad thoughts and vices
Aimed at the internal spiritual development of the user, incl. to overcome difficulties and barriers in various areas of life on the path of development
Strengthens the user's power and density of the etheric body
Works with the 3rd EC to improve the health of organs located in the projection and under the auspices of this EC
Strengthens physical strength through the power of the Spirit
Fills the kidneys and urinary tract with energy, at the etheric level gently eliminates ailments that can transform into diseases
Aimed at accelerating metabolism, incl. in case of violations of the principles of healthy eating, the presence of food addictions (fast food, etc..)
Helps to form correct eating habits and healthy eating behavior, especially if there is a record of violations and an understanding that such a task is facing the user

Recommendations for the use of the FSC “WIND OF CHANGE”:

Creates a transformational tandem with FSC “SYMMETRY”, which:
carries out powerful energy-information correction
fills the space and the user with pure energy
returns you to a state of inclusion in life
saturates with the energy of unconditional love
helps to adapt to the current flow of accelerated life
creates a feeling of “flight of the Soul”, inspiration and joy
creates energy immunity from the blows of fate
The energy-information flow of this FSC is very consonant with those who serve their people and protect the country, guided by the highest principles of morality, who are ready to defend themselves and others (politicians, police officers, rescuers, firefighters, professional military personnel, etc.), for everyone who defends the Fatherland, peace and order on Earth
Can patronize athletes, incl. in high performance sports
Necessary for managers, innovators, discoverers, developers and testers of new systems (equipment, technologies, methods, etc.)
FSC of choice for procrastinators - those who constantly postpone or put off doing things “for later”, as well as for those who live in eternal doubts and the agony of choice
Important for lawyers, businessmen, traders, journalists, correspondents, crisis managers, motorists on the road
Essential for a business woman. You can be smart, acumen and at the same time not a harsh “iron woodcutter”, but run a successful business using your energies
Include FSC in your work if you have digestive disorders, overeating, stress eating and other eating disorders
Combines with any FSCs, especially those aimed at business, achievements, accomplishments, social communications