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FSC Greatness


The polarization of the Vedic cosmoenergy channel of God Veles is prescribed on the FSC. Water structuring time is 15 minutes..

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
The polarization of the Vedic cosmoenergy channel of God Veles is prescribed on the FSC.

Water structuring time is 15 minutes.

A special time for energy practices, meditation, prayer is at 22:00.

Description of channel action:

Contributes to the cultivation and development of the user's energy of greatness - demonstrates and develops genius abilities within the limits of his skill, for example, to be not just a mathematician, but the best mathematician
Contributes to the emergence in the human mind of the joy of creation, knowledge of achievements, respect, which leads to the greatness of the Soul
Gives you the opportunity to push the boundaries given by fate
Helps the user to see, feel and experience all the delights of the great and beautiful world, to receive its benefits
Promotes family well-being and prosperity
Harmonizes relationships in the family, protects the hearth
Contributes to the prosperity of the Family
Grants a meeting with a spouse, with whom it is possible to create happiness for each other through agreement and unity
Activates the energies of goodness and miracles in the user’s life
Activates the user’s Divine emotion “Velodast” - joy from goodness and greatness
Supports healthy autonomic nervous system
Promotes patronage of domestic animals in housekeeping

Test results of FSC “GREATNESS”:

Activates all EC (with an emphasis on the 6th) into a single human energy system
Structures and regulates the information flow, awakens the memory of the Universe
Grounds and connects human rhythms with the rhythms of nature
Unlocks the user's inner Light
The energy of the channel is double: the flow of female energy and the flow of male energy. The streams do not mix with each other. It works with women with the feminine part of energy, with men – with the masculine part, bringing to a state of true balance between the masculine and feminine in each user
It gives a woman regal composure and at the same time softness..For a man - internal support and steadfastness with external gentleness in showing kindness
Revives the power of the Family, connects with the energy of the Family from the moment of its beginning, where male energy is built and manifested in strength, loyalty, decency, truth
Gives the release of the energy of Light by women of the Rod, the true wise feminine power is manifested, aimed at creating peace, true love
Allows you to return the truth and harmonious combination of male and female energies - awakens memory to the original meaning and state of these energies
Aimed at reviving the historical memory of people and regions, regardless of place of residence in the present time
Helps to revive the concept of the truth of family, home, harmonizes relationships between generations, helps to be in a state of acceptance
Aimed at revealing and strengthening intuition, sensitive abilities, will demonstrate “spiritual vision”
Reveals healthy motherhood in a woman instead of the “squeeze” and “cold mother” attitude. Those. understanding comes when it is necessary to intervene in the child’s affairs, when not to, when to protect and/or help, and when to give the opportunity to answer for one’s actions independently, so that an integral, healthy personality with a stable psyche is formed
Eliminates fussiness, gives contemplation and lightness, in case of stress helps to come to one’s senses, calm down, balance
Gently and gently helps calm anxious, emotionally unstable children, giving them a feeling of security
Activates desire and develops abilities for singing and poetry
Reveals inner knowledge - when and what to do without haste, calmly, measuredly
Cleanses the user and space from necrotic energy, entities, restless souls, entities of various types
It helps women with PMS by smoothing out emotional swings
Helps to energetically “assemble” the physical body into a single whole, to activate the interconnection of organs precisely at the information level
Works to improve the endocrine system, especially the pineal gland
Works to cleanse the musculoskeletal system

Recommendations for the use of the FSC “GREATNESS”:

The current working time with FSC is 22 hours, because... the number of the god Veles is 22..
Creates a creative tandem with the FSC “ENERGY OF FLOW”
structures information at different levels of perception (head, soul, heart)
helps you return to yourself, as a manifestation of Light, in your true masculine and feminine energies
helps you concentrate on what’s really important
creates a state of responsibility, decency
works with self-esteem, creative activity
gives awareness of the depth and significance of each user’s own contribution to the Universe
Gives strength and energy through structuring the following products on the FSC “GREATNESS”: hazelnut, turnip vegetable, apple fruit, trumpet mushroom, millet cereal and basil spice
Activates the energies of greatness through listening to or playing musical instruments: piano or 11-string guitar-tonic
You can fix your state of joy from the feeling of greatness and goodness in the following way: take the FSC “GREATNESS” in your right hand, slightly strain your neck and touch the right carotid artery with your right hand with the FSC, repeat the same on the left side with your left hand with the FSC
The energies of the FSC are felt as the energies of ancient elders, ancient wisdom, forgotten, closed, secret knowledge of the very first incarnations of man. You can turn to the elders if you need to solve really important issues, ask for help, the answer will come in the form of energies, thoughts, feelings, sensations
The corrector is very important for use at any age for both men and women; it is very effective if you hold it between your palms at the level of the 4th EC (in the area of ​​the solar plexus)
If placed on the Soul area, then each user will come to their senses, to their true purpose
Necessary for everyone who lives in a state of stress, experiences mood swings when they “lose their temper” at others (which affects relationships in the family and society)
FSC is especially good for mothers whose sons lack their father’s example of life and actions..Such mothers tend to overprotect or put pressure on their sons, preventing them from growing up and separating
You can put the FSC under the pillow of an adult or a child to calm and harmonize the emotional background
During pregnancy, use carefully if there is severe stress (not for long)
Women during the PMS period will be provided with energy-informational support to harmonize the emotional background
Compatible with any previously released FSCs, it is especially recommended to combine with FSCs “LOVE”, “HARMONY”, “SECRET OF THE WISE”, “WINNER”, “INDY”, “LIGHT OF KOLTSOV”, “GRACE”

Application of the FSC “GREATNESS” will give you the opportunity to activate the energies of greatness and goodness in yourself, to become the best in your professional activities, and will allow you to remember the Divine emotion “Velodast”, which we have forgotten - joy from goodness and greatness.

There is no need to open the channel additionally; it starts on its own upon contact with the FSC..