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FSC Eternity


Activates a person’s desire for the initial Divine source - the eternity of existence in active consciousness and physical health. Aimed at increasing life expectancy, granting longevity as....

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
FSC "Eternity"

Activates a person’s desire for the initial Divine source - the eternity of existence in active consciousness and physical health
Aimed at increasing life expectancy, granting longevity both physical and spiritual
Helps connect a person to the energies of righteousness, the laws of harmony of the universe
Helps a person achieve spiritual beauty and spiritual wealth
Directs a person’s consciousness to the embodiment of the Divine goal, the true tasks of his Soul
Promotes the gradual activation of the state of Divine absolute love
Promotes the emergence in the human Soul of the joy of creation, knowledge of achievements, respect, which leads to the greatness of the Soul and prescribes it in the energies of eternity
Promotes the achievement of harmony in cooperation with the world, a state of psychological balance and comfort
Helps restore ancestral memory and feel the support of the genus for accepting and assimilating new energies
Helps a person to create a space of love around himself, in his life, to love and be loved
Helps to expand the horizons of vision of your life, to realize and accept new energies for creating your own life, etc. atmosphere around you in manifestations of love and goodness
Activates in a person the Divine emotion “Kostrodast” - joy from the feeling of eternity

Recommendations for using the FSC “ETERNITY”:

The current time for working with FSC is at 8 a.m., because... the number of the Goddess Kostroma is 8. You can structure and bless food
Gives strength and energy through structuring the following products on the FSC “ETERNITY”: groundnuts, cucumbers, blackberries, goat mushroom, rye and oregano spice
Activates the energies of eternity and longevity through listening to or playing musical instruments such as harmonium (harmonica with keyboard) and guitar
You can fix your state of joy and inner harmony from the feeling of eternity in the following way: take the FSC “ETERNITY” in your right hand, strain your neck a little and touch the right carotid artery with your right hand with the FSC and repeat the same on the left side with your left hand with the FSC< br /> Compatible with any previously released FSCs, it is especially recommended to combine with FSCs “LONGEVITY”, “HARMONY”, “SECRET OF THE WISE”, “WINNER”, “TUMING FORK”, “INDY”, “LIGHT OF KOLTSOV”, “GREEN CONTAINER..KAILAS", "INKI", "MIRACLE WORKER", "GRACE"

Application of the FSC “ETERNITY” will give you the opportunity to activate the energies of longevity and eternity in yourself, will allow you to remember the Divine emotion “Kostrodast”, which we have forgotten, the joy of feeling eternity. This is very important because... a person is capable of achieving everything that he can imagine and feel.

At FSC “ETERNITY” the polarization of the cosmoenergy channel of the goddess Kostroma is prescribed.

The time for water structuring at FSC “ETERNITY” is at least 6 hours.

Limited edition - check with managers for availability! Best regards, administration....