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FSC Smile of the sun


Maintains the internal potential of positive energy, despite what is happening in the external space. Helps remove negative charge from the auric shell

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
The polarization of water taken on the day of the summer solstice, June 21, 2022, is registered on the FSC.
Structuring time is 20 minutes.

Maintains the internal potential of positive energy, despite what is happening in the external space
Helps remove negative charge from the auric shell
Dissolves, transforms negative emotional background and enhances intuition
Feeds the user with the energy of the Sun and returns him to the Light
Frees from old destructive programs, aggression, increasing and maintaining the internal potential of light in a person
Activates the connection of the 4 Elements in a person, reveals greater energy potential, allows you to discover and approve the best qualities of each user - strength, wisdom, self-sufficiency, confidence, integrity, philanthropy
Activates the energies of health and enlightenment through turning the gaze inward, helps to understand oneself and in dead-end life circumstances
Brings a miracle to life (miraculous series of events)
Creates a strong field for the fulfillment of intentions, especially of a personal, love and family nature
Helps the user to keep luck in their hands, solve life problems, helps improve various areas of life
Helps protect against troubles, creates and fills the space with the energy of calm, tranquility, trust, coziness and comfort
Provides inspiring energy, attracts interesting ideas to the user’s mind related to the discovery, development and expansion of opportunities, organization of new projects, search for training options, new types of income
Creates the prerequisites and conditions for changing the type of activity (if there is a request and desire), contributes to the acquisition of the necessary skills and knowledge
Launches positive impulses for the development of personal relationships, harmonization of the family situation, elimination of conflicts and misunderstandings between generations, in teams (especially at school, where bullying often occurs), helps to understand and work through the causes of conflicts/psychotrauma (even if they no longer remember what started it all)
Strengthens the user’s Divine power and charisma, increases the feeling of self-confidence, in one’s power as a Co-Creator
Gives strength that helps unite people, and also fills life with the energy of a smile, happiness, helps to release tension in the body, muscles, incl..face (relieve spasms, “mask of discontent”)
Activates a person’s needs for spiritual transformation and conscious development, working with the subconscious, helps to gradually change at a deep level according to new Higher energies
Helps create your own mood, switch from negative to positive (see Recommendations for use)
Provides an opportunity to receive hints through trees, stones, crystals, etc. when communicating with nature.

Recommendations for using the FSC “SMILE OF THE SUN”:

Creates a unique tandem with the FSC “THREADS OF THE UNIVERSE”
The special energy of the topic prescribed at the FSC allows you to forgive all grievances, try to accept what has already happened, so that you can move on with a light heart and an open soul
Be sure to drink structured water, do pumping, and also place it at the head of the head or under the pillow while you sleep to harmonize space in the broadest sense of this concept (room, aura, physical condition, etc.)
An indispensable corrector for time spent alone - reflection, meditation, searching for an internal source of strength, fulfillment. To carry out these processes, it is recommended to sit on the plate, you can lie down, placing it on the 1st energy center, from several minutes to several hours (guide by your feelings)
FSC helps to recycle and express negative energy in an environmentally friendly way; it works as a “girlfriend”, “interlocutor” or “random travel companion” to whom you can express all your joys and sorrows. You can create an intention to work through problems or tasks in different areas, write a note, space code
To quickly calm down during tears, stress, panic attacks, and nervous conditions, you need to take the FSC in your hands at the level of the solar plexus and breathe deeply for a few minutes
If a person does not use FSCs or denies their effects, simply give them structured water to drink. And put it on the cooler or under the carafe from which the whole family and team drinks water
It works well with hyperactive and aggressive children, so it is recommended to place this FSC in the “children’s” space, incl. in kindergartens and schools..Highly recommended for children of new energies (indigo children), as well as all “white crows” who stand out from other children
The structuring of “sunny aromatic oils” (cinnamon, eucalyptus, saffron) helps, through the sense of smell and activation of the subconscious, to quickly improve the internal state and improve mood
With the help of FSC you can charge your jewelry, talismans, amulets with the energy of the sun: place them on the plate for 15-20 minutes
Carry out practices for cleansing your living space: from washing the floor with structured water to general cleaning
Structure anti-aging (rejuvenation) cosmetics: creams, tonics, massage products (buccal, sculptural, relaxing) and self-massage. You can apply FSC to areas of tension and tension on the face and body
FSC is a really effective tool for the work of psychologists, massage therapists, cosmetologists, osteopaths, educators, teachers, speakers
To create or improve the mood, successful public speaking, pumping is recommended: place the FSC “LOVE” on the soul for 1-2 minutes, then on the 2nd energy center, then use the “SMILE OF THE SUN” Corrector to work the facial muscles for 1-2 minutes (wave, just touch ), then transfer it to the 6th energy center and then hold it in your hands. In total no more than 10 minutes