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FSC Light of success


Gives a person opportunities to achieve success in all good endeavors. Activates perfect Divine powers in man....

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
FSC "Light of Success"

Gives a person opportunities to achieve success in all good endeavors
Activates perfect Divine powers in man
Guides a person to the revival of his Spiritual nature
Opens for a person the awareness of the eternity of the World of native Nature and the importance of caring for it and its preservation
Returns the human race to its source and fills the heart with light
Activates awareness of the multidimensionality and eternity of existence
Gives people the opportunity, upon awakening, to feel, with their soul touching their divine nature, eternal beauty, shining internally and eternally reborn
Activates in a person a worldview based on truthfulness, which is the main resonator with the entire surrounding World
Endows a person with standard and Divine functions necessary for evolution

Recommendations for the use of the FSC “LIGHT OF SUCCESS”

Structuring of water or food using the FSC “LIGHT OF SUCCESS” can be carried out at any time. Additional information: special time for energy practices, meditation, prayer using this FSC at 23:00
It is possible to fix the emotion of Divine success in yourself in the following way: take the FSC in your right hand, tense your neck a little and touch the hand with the FSC to the right carotid artery at the 23rd beat of your heart. Also do the same with your left hand with FSC and touch the left carotid artery
You can activate the energies of success through listening to or playing musical instruments (including the xylophone - a percussion musical instrument with a certain pitch. It is a series of wooden blocks of different sizes, tuned to certain notes) or a 23-string harp)
Green color and emerald crystal, together with the use of FSC, give the power of the God of the Family
It is recommended both for independent work and for use with other FSCs, for example, “SUCCESS”, “FORTUNA”, “RELOADING.CLEANING”, “RELOADING.FILLING”, FSC bracelet “MAGNAT”

Application of the FSC “LIGHT OF SUCCESS” in life will give you the opportunity to constantly be in a state of joy from achieving success in your life, awareness of your multidimensionality, truthfulness and return to your Ancestral origins, Spiritually evolve and experience the emotion of the God of the Kin - “Give Birth” the joy of success.

The FSC “LIGHT OF SUCCESS” describes the polarization of the cosmic energy channel of God Rod.

The time for structuring water at the FSC “LIGHT OF SUCCESS” is 6 hours..

Limited edition - check with managers for availability! Best regards, administration....