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FSC Holy Spring


The FSC describes the polarization of the healing water of the oldest known source in Russia - St. Paraskeva Pyatnitsa, Staraya Ladoga, Leningrad region..

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
The FSC describes the polarization of the healing water of the oldest known spring in Russia - St. Paraskeva Pyatnitsa, Staraya Ladoga, Leningrad region.
Water structuring time is 25 minutes.

Gives lightness, softness, inner freshness, inspiration, joy, removes sorrow, sadness, transforms negative into mega-positive
It actively fills with optimism, opens the center of the soul, helps those who want to move on and try new things to rise. Don't be afraid, your time has come!
Helps you find easier and more correct paths. There are no crosses to bear, but there is ease of perception, movement, new connections, new opportunities
Unwinds events in life for the better, eliminates everything bad from the user’s life, restores the desire to live
Awareness is turned on, a person wakes up and realizes that he has been in the wrong place for so many years, lived in the wrong place and went in the wrong direction
It immerses you into yourself, into your world, while you are not isolated from the outside, but external events do not concern your inner world. Gives the feeling “I am needed/needed by the world. The world comes to me itself”
There is a very rapid ordering and alignment of thoughts, it sifts out gently, removes what is already outdated and does not correspond to a person’s life in the current moment, removes the feeling of powerlessness
Restores emotional and physical state, works through what is not removed by other vibrations
Fills the Soul and heart with spiritual grace with joy, leading a person to inner peace
Activates willpower and the power of the Spirit, gives a feeling of self-sufficiency, removes all restrictions, gives an understanding of what this or that negative state is associated with. It will take a little longer for unconscious people, but it will definitely help, it works with all ages
Removes excess energy potential in the 3rd energy center and distributes energy to other ECs. This helps to relieve pressure on the world by one’s own will on the part of man, i.e. the person stops pushing
Gives you a different perspective on all situations and on yourself: you simply gain experience that will make you smarter, tougher, stronger, more resistant to adversity
Calms, relaxes the body, mind and soul, gives energy of softness, tenderness, smoothness, relaxation, lightness, admiration, acceptance
Harmonizes natural human biorhythms, triggers dormant reserves of the body
Helps the user of any gender to balance their inner M and F..It is aimed at revealing femininity for women, and for men it performs a difficult task: finding and reconciling with one’s inner woman, which gives a man a state of calm, peace, relaxation, self-acceptance, i.e. builds a yin-yang balance in each of us, regardless of gender
Patronizes girls and women in achieving a happy marriage
Helps with infertility, in conceiving and bearing a child (has a positive effect on reducing the tone of the uterus)
Gives hope for the future to everyone who despairs in the present or is stuck in the past (energetically, mentally)
Works to remove fears - programs that limit movement and implementation. Shows that fear of being oneself, realization, uncertainty, limiting programs, etc., can be laid down in the past and according to the program of the family
Provides an opportunity to awaken ancestral memory by touching the historical heritage of Ancient Rus', regardless of the user’s religion or creed
Gently and gently relieves spasms, tension, headaches, and muscle tension. At the same time, it does not relax, but fills with energy, i.e. Healing energy passes through the problem area
Starts the process of detoxification of the Soul and body
Nourishes the human body with healing power, brings order to it: improves the condition of the central nervous system (in particular, promotes rapid sleep), organs of vision, genitourinary, reproductive, cardiovascular systems

Recommendations for the use of the FSC “HOLY SOURCE”:

Pumping the 7th energy center synchronizes with the rhythms of the space around
When pumping up the 1st basic energy center, it gently turns on vital energy
If something doesn’t work out in business, it is recommended to drink water structured using FSC and close your eyes, concentrate on your whole body and simply observe, answers and understanding of the causes of congestion will come.
Promotes patronage in trade matters
You can create an intention to improve the health of a specific organ, eliminate a problem (disease, thoughts, emotions)
It is good to go through FSC on energy centers, because....on health issues works with the whole body
Improves clarity and clarity of vision, while it is necessary to fix the FSC with a narrow end at the level of the frontal tsara (the depression between the forehead and nose), and “CLEAR LOOK-2” - place it behind on the depression between the head and the beginning of the neck, pronounce the intention “Light of my eyes” and mentally imagine how light is emitted through your eyes
Can be attached to the organ during sleep, can be placed under the pillow
For infants and toddlers, if they cry a lot, the plate can be placed on the chest or applied to the forehead
Works and interacts with all previously released FSCs, especially with “SOLAR”, “golden” series, No. 15 “LIGHT OF LIFE”, “MIGRENON”, FSC bracelet “POWER OF LIGHT”