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FSC Contemplation of fire


Strengthens the user’s inner core and thereby shows that spirituality is not about “flying away” into the world of subtle matters, abandoning the earthly with criticism of the material and non-spiritual, but to ground oneself and bring spirituality into the earthly, material, into one’s life

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
The polarization of the water of the energy portal is prescribed on the FSC on December 5, 2022, during the Zoroastrian holiday of the Fire of the Priests and during the Christian holiday of the Entry into the Temple of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Structuring time – 20 minutes.

Strengthens the user’s inner core and thereby shows that spirituality does not mean “flying away” into the world of subtle matters, abandoning the earthly with criticism of the material and non-spiritual, but grounding and bringing spirituality into the earthly, material, into your life
Neutralizes attempts at socio-psychological influence on the user’s psyche for the purpose of manipulating consciousness
Helps to compensate for the lack of care, gives insights (insights, answers from above) that the user has always received care, just differently than he wanted or imagined, i.e. in a different form, in a different format. Helps to bring up memories - how, where and when a person received care, thinking that there was none
Gives a state of lightness and unhurriedness, calm observation and contemplation of what is happening, measured movement towards your goals in synchronization with the external speed of development of events, therefore the phrase “Stop, rest, take your time, don’t be afraid, everything has its time” is relevant
Slows down the rhythm of life, but does not relax, but mobilizes in a calm, confident state. There may be a feeling that you don’t notice how time passes, it seems to be “stretched”
It slows down and calms those in a hurry, who are afraid of not being on time, missing out, losing and becoming guilty, punished, blamed, losers, and therefore fuss, waste energy and make mistakes from unnecessary stupid fuss
Restores the user's internal potential for harmony
Helps burn out contaminated layers of negative emotional and mental energies
Gives a vision of the real picture of what is happening and, as a result, an understanding of what should not be done and what needs to be done for the future path of life. At the same time, it stops you from hasty conclusions about current events, eliminates fear of them, fills you with the state of a calm observer from your own depths about what is happening outside with an understanding of the true state of affairs
Reveals the truth to the user: nothing is missing and nothing is over, just a pause..Helps withstand a period of “stagnation”, which is actually a respite to replenish energy, moral and physical strength
Activates the Element of Fire in the user, burns out all outdated, old and unnecessary energies for future life, promotes the transformation of evil through the energies of transformation, restores all the good in a person’s life
Helps the user to feel their presence in the Flow, to live in joy and joy, to move from the necessary state of contemplation to actions in a state of fullness and in wise calm
Grants the user the opportunity to gain access to the spiritual achievements of the Family, to awaken their True Spiritual Fire, which is related to the Family, heritage, ancestors - to all the best that the genetic memory stores within itself
Gives you a chance to discover the most unique capabilities of your Family, to come into contact with the sacred heritage of the greatness of your Family, to receive protection from negative entropy, which a person himself brings into life at the level of genetics and transmits through the family system
Lights the path in the darkness of life and promotes the manifestation of heart “fires”, enhancing the luminosity of the Soul
Balances the user's Soul, gives firm confidence in the victory of the Spirit over the flesh and Life over death
Gives impetus to creativity in any field, the arrival of new ideas, the discovery of talents, fills with the desire to live, create, gives opportunities and energy for successful movement towards the goal
Eliminates the user's unconscious desire for a premature change of dimension
Preserves the flame of the Spirit and the fiery sparkle of thought in the user
Fills the relationship in a man-woman couple with warmth, smiles, cheerful joy, removes disagreements
Helps to establish relationships and fruitful interactions between people in different teams (office, creative studios, etc.), unites in spirit and interests
Provides a balance of all energies, uniform opening and filling of all energy centers (chakras) of the user with new content
At the level of the 4th energy center (chakra), it fills the entire body with the energy of purity, lightness, peace, contemplation, while maintaining a state of “here and now”
Influencing the 6th energy center (chakra), it gives a clear vision of any situation, causing a smile to appear inside the user, which, in addition to gaining peace of mind, contributes to the production of energy of high quality and order (the so-called."high vibrations")
Promotes the activation of energies that renew the human body, cleanses it at the cellular and aural levels
Helps eliminate pain caused by tension through the removal/dissolution of clots of negative energy accumulated when communicating with people
Transforms the activity of vital organs into a positive direction
Aimed at eliminating irritability, excessive emotionality and helping to work through the internal state of persistent depression
Aimed at eliminating edema, normalizing lymph and blood flow
It affects the production of hormones that cause anxiety (cortisol, adrenaline) and, as a result, rapid heartbeat, gently reduces and normalizes their levels and levels in the blood. Thus, it helps prevent falling into a state of chronic stress, when all organs and systems suffer
Helps stabilize the nervous system, teaches the body to quickly “switch off” and get out of a state of tension, stress and depression
Helps to align the structure of the body both on the energetic and physical levels (left-right, yin-yang, mental balance, homeostasis, clamps, blocks) on all planes, increases the perception of other FSCs to achieve sustainable results
Prevents and improves energy status in neuropsychiatric diseases, cardiovascular disorders, diseases of the spinal cord, brain, pancreas and eyes
Helps the user pass the last health exam in life - old age, turn on the mode for rejuvenation and reduction of biological age. Those..This exam helps you pass, not fail
Maintains the fire of remembrance in the mind (preserves memory, supports cognitive functions)
Deeply harmonizes the ectoplasm (outer layer of the etheric body) of the user

Recommendations for the use of the FSC “CONTEMPLATION OF FIRE”:

Creates a unique tandem with the FSC “BREATH OF THE UNIVERSE” - immerses you in a state of active contemplation of life, leads to filling with energies of a higher order, helps to launch the process of holistic restoration of the body (Spirit, Soul, Body), creates a protective space, activates channels of abundance
The FSC energy is feminine, affectionate, maternal, it envelops the user in care, transfers to a state of joy, awareness of one’s own usefulness, and an internal state of peace
The corrector is very important for those who did not have enough care in childhood and who believe that now they lack care from others
When contemplating with FSC the stars, the rising and setting Sun (during pumping), it allows the user to gain access to the living energy of Cosmic Fire
Indispensable in case of loss of hope, in a state of despondency, fatigue
Necessary for all people, especially in old age, to maintain clarity of mind and long memory
Use in meditation to get answers to the desired request, which must first be clearly and correctly formulated
When using FSC for faster implementation of intentions, it is necessary to pass them along with thoughts and feelings through the flame of a candle
The use of FSCs and lighted candles helps the user to purify and elevate their thoughts, harmonize the psyche
When using candles with FSC to pass the “old age exam” or in other cases of using candles and FSC, say when lighting each of the 16 wax candles: “I dedicate the smoke from the combustion of all these 16 candles to the transformation of the energy of the disease of old age into the energy of health and youth.” . 16 candles should be used only in the practice of transforming the energy of old age. In other cases, 1 candle is enough
After quarrels or during conflict situations, it helps to defuse the situation, maintain dignity, and not cross boundaries to the point of no return
Keep the Corrector in your office (or any work) space to create a productive and friendly work environment
Transforms the user's home into a good temple..Carefully place the candle on the FSC after clearing the space with FSC No. 16
Can be kept in the sleeping area (bed, nightstands)
An excellent tool for the work of osteopaths, as well as for home practice of spinal alignment (the process is slow, but effective)
More often sit with FSC by the fire, fireplace or look at burning candles
Be sure to follow the recommended drinking regime and do pumping
Combines with any previously released FSCs of all series, create your own unique combinations