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FSC Symmetry


The polarization of water in underground lakes of caves in the mountain range of the Mansky region, Krasnoyarsk region, is registered on the FSC..

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
The polarization of water in underground lakes of caves in the mountain range of the Mansky region, Krasnoyarsk region is registered on the FSC.
Water informationization time is 15 minutes.

Saturates with the energy of activity, creativity, lightness, joy, pleasure from life, from accepting and feeling your body, staying in your rhythms, forms and gives a sense of the correct flow of life
Instills faith in a bright future, reveals to the user his true dreams, pushes out everything destructive, “cuts off” thoughts of the negative, as well as regrets about what has not come true, thereby helping to preserve the user’s energy
Synchronizes the user with natural, cosmic and geophysical rhythms through fluctuations in the biopotentials of the brain and through the activation of the universal cosmic code, which contains the main information program of the spatio-temporal organization of natural objects
Creates a strong connection between the user and the energies of the Earth and the Universe, includes the 1st and 7th EC (chakras) in the work, and the remaining five ECs begin to interact with the 1st and 7th EC through internal resonance when pumping, which improves the vital functions of everything body
Activates thought processes when solving problems of different levels, helps in achieving goals, insights are possible, stimulates awareness and speed of reactions
Helps stop the internal dialogue, fills the user with a state of harmony with his body, with his nature, saturates with new energy of unconditional love and, first of all, for himself (if we do not love ourselves, we cannot love others)
Harmonizes the user’s consciousness through energy-informational balancing of the right and left hemispheres of the brain
Awakens awareness, the user has the opportunity to make a conscious choice in favor of the coordinated movement of the Soul and Mind, to act in the symmetry of their spiritual and physical development in relation to their goals..In this way, there is a return of one’s own energy and a detuning of consciousness from the imposition of the conditions and circumstances of our technogenic world, which “leads” us away from nature, both in the sense of the surrounding world and from our physiological nature (wisdom)
Restores and aligns the user’s weakened biofield, improves the color background of the aura (the true “passport” of a person on the subtle plane) through harmonization of the user’s mental level
Develops in a man the state of being a defender of the family, home, homeland
Enhances femininity and gentleness in a woman, gives a man the ability to show kind condescension to women’s whims, trains the ability to stop being angry at a woman’s increased emotionality, helps to be in a state of active listener
Helps women accept their man for who he is, without “sawing” and trying to remake him (especially if the gender roles of men in the family are different - for a man and a woman who are in a relationship), will help heal wounded masculinity
Allows you to speed up and enrich events related to romantic relationships, with acceptance and understanding of both yourself and your partner
Helps the inner man and woman to unite in love and acceptance of each other, in gaining integrity, and when we are whole, we perceive ourselves, the world, and relationships differently - without illusions, obligations, violence, attempts to change something or someone (other than yourself)
Conducts powerful energy-information correction, eliminating destructive changes at the level of the physical body and subtle shells
Aimed at dispelling fears, experiences, those energy structures formed in the process of unpleasant, stressful events of the present and past, when exposed to fire: fires, injuries from burns, fear from fires or observation of people affected by fire, exposure to open fire (bonfire , open fire oven, etc..)
Works powerfully to eliminate post-traumatic stress for all participants in tragic events, such as military operations, situations where explosions occurred, there was shooting, there was a fire (the participants themselves, their relatives, especially if loved ones died); energetic and emotional deactivation of psychological trauma occurs< br /> Conducts correction of destructive behavior algorithms and transforms them into algorithms of peace, cooperation, peaceful interaction
It helps to “switch on” to a conscious state of heightened attention, to be able to quickly and sensitively scan the situation, gives the ability to quickly understand, comprehend and evaluate the situation “Where am I now?” Aimed at quickly navigating the situation, the terrain, determining the real and objective degree of danger/safety, while maintaining inner peace and quiet
Gives you a state of inclusion in life, while at the same time helping to maintain personal boundaries. This energy allows you to contemplate without connecting to places where you could harm yourself or anyone else. Those around them begin to feel this special state of the FSC user, and the general field switches to a more stable emotional mode
Forms the Observer state while maintaining an active life position, i.e. helps to be a participant in discussions even among a huge audience of people, helps to show a quick reaction to emerging situations, while helping to maintain a state of balance and emotional non-involvement in controversial situations, maintains working condition, level of cordiality and active mental activity
Corrects all subtle bodies in such a way that an optimally favorable reunification of the individual with the Higher Self occurs: this contact gradually intensifies, the individual begins to increasingly realize and accept himself as an immortal Soul
Aimed at cleansing all ancestral lines and ancestral programs that interfere with self-realization on today's path, in the moment here and now..Healing the Family Tree is primary
Helps restore connection with Rod at the level of energy and memory associated with the father
Raises vital energy, increases libido
Leads to an understanding of the meaning of the word “manifestation” - an active, bright, rich life in harmony without internal “demons”
Aimed at forming a friendly “parent-child” relationship, helping parents raise vibrations in accepting their children, who are so different from the older generation in thinking and views on the present and future, planning their own lives according to their own, and not according to their parents’ scenario
Gives the user vitality, brings balance to those parts of the body on which the FSC is applied
In complex therapy it exhibits antibacterial properties
Aimed at improving the genitourinary system
Improves health status in bronchopulmonary diseases
Works with muscles and spine, helps eliminate muscle pain
Prevents infectious diseases, restores the body after food poisoning
Promotes rapid healing of wound surfaces (burns, abrasions, small wounds)
Helps improve the condition of the skin, tones and rejuvenates, harmonizes the fat balance in it
Works while you sleep, improves sleep

Recommendations for the use of FSC “SYMMETRY”:

Creates a transformational tandem with the FSC “WIND OF CHANGE”, which:
carries out powerful energy-information correction
fills the space and the user with pure energy
returns you to a state of inclusion in life
saturates with the energy of unconditional love
helps to adapt to the current flow of accelerated life
creates a feeling of “flight of the Soul”, inspiration and joy
creates energy immunity from the blows of fate
A powerful, fast flow of energy goes through several cycles: from top to bottom and from bottom to top, passing in the form of an energy spiral up the spine..It works in a targeted manner, then switches to the mode of maintaining the operating state without energy excess
When first getting acquainted with FSC, it is advisable to informatize water and drink it in a volume of up to 500 ml, and then - the daily norm in physiological volumes, based on the user’s weight
The energy itself finds in the body what hurts or works out of coordination (incorrectly) and begins to carefully correct this condition
Make an effort when interacting with the FSC to think only about the good, to see and feel only the positive, even for the period of work with this Corrector
Through intention, you can ask to cleanse the Rod: you need to write the intention on paper, then say out loud what exactly you want to cleanse. Work with intention, ask for light to be sent where there is a problem in the family
An excellent tool in psychotherapy as an addition to medical therapy, it helps to free oneself from the consequences of tragic events and feelings of doom, helplessness, and the state of a victim
In case of divorce (or separation of spouses/partners), especially if this event followed a negative scenario, it is necessary to work with the FSC as follows: thank your partner for the experience, mentally hug, write him/her a letter or message (it is not necessary to send a message) . Both men and women can do this. After all, every partner in a relationship is a Teacher who has helped or is helping in the present to work through certain characteristics of us, teaches the ability to forgive, love, accept, leads to tolerance or, conversely, the ability to insist on one’s own opinion
Necessary for all parents who want to understand their children in order to give children their own place in life. Mom can do the practice: take the FSC “MAMMA” (“BEREGINYA”, “LOVE”) in her left hand, and “SYMMETRY” in her right. Dad can supplement the work with the use of other FSCs: “FORMULA OF LOVE. YAN" ("BLACK MOUNTAIN", "LOVE")
It is very important for those who have gone through wars, experienced conflicts and quarrels, lived through a difficult childhood, experienced the destructive behavior of parents or close significant people replacing them
Suitable for military personnel of any rank and rank, pilots, drivers of all types of transport, including in agriculture (combine operators), because.sharpens the vision of the general situation where constant attention is required, observation of the situation outside, where it is necessary to strictly comply with safety requirements both in peaceful affairs and in military matters
It helps athletes to participate in competitions, you can supplement the FSC “WINNER” (drink water, pump the energy system with 2 plates) - this is a powerful environmental support for the body and psychological state
Suitable for female managers who have many strong men in body, mind and spirit under their command; it will help a woman to be more understandable in a male team when she needs to convey information, set a task, without getting too emotional. Clear, specific and powerful energy support, taking into account the laws of justice of the Highest order, which does not allow to upset the balance of kindness, love, and beauty, i.e. will not allow their importance to be diminished when performing tasks
To help teachers - it is recommended to use it in an educational institution (school, university, college, etc.), when emotionally excited students come to class after a break or physical education class, it will help to switch attention and direct it in the right direction, relieve bodily tension and engage in mental activity
Suitable for moderators of chats with a large audience of participants, employees of exchanges, trading, where there is a lot of information and it is necessary to show an immediate response
Can be recommended to people who work with large amounts of information: teachers, lecturers, editors, journalists, war correspondents, TV workers, directors, actors, etc.
Use it in an integrated approach in collaboration with medicine to solve problems with the kidneys and urinary tract: in addition to taking an adequate amount of informatized water, you can and should sit on the FSC for at least 15 minutes (preferably 30 minutes) in cycles
Sometimes pain may appear in the problematic organ/body part, but correction begins immediately
It is recommended to place the Corrector in the area of ​​sleep, meditation, relaxation
Compatible with previously released FSCs, especially “FLOW ENERGY”, “KEEPER OF LIFE”, “MAGIC CRADLE”. Carefully combine with “SECRETS OF ALASKA”. Create your own combinations according to your personal needs and situations