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FSC Strength of spirit


Contributes to the fulfillment of a person’s good intentions. Activates the ability to manage your emotional states. Tempers the hardness of the Spirit....

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
FSC "Fortitude"

Contributes to the fulfillment of a person’s good intentions
Activates the ability to manage your emotional states
Tempers the hardness of the Spirit
Gives a person endurance and strength to overcome challenges in life
Provides an opportunity to gain experience of improvement in a new
Reveals knowledge of the secrets of the Universe, worthy of man
Activates the energy of humility (living in peace with everyone) and patience
Promotes the desire for the magic of creation in your life
Enables a person to take the path of Divine aspirations and achievements
Opens Spiritual vision and hearing (as spiritual evolution progresses) and allows human eyes to look into the essence of things and what is happening
Activates clarity of thinking and sanity
As Spiritual awakening progresses, it reveals to a person knowledge about the past, present and future
Illumines with the light of knowledge about the Earth and Space

Recommendations for the use of the FSC “POWER OF SPIRIT”

Structuring water or food using the FSC “POWER OF SPIRIT” can be carried out at any time. Additional information: special time for energy practices, meditation, prayer using this FSC at 07:00
It is possible to fix the emotion of Divine endurance and patience in yourself in the following way: take the FSC in your right hand, tense your neck a little and touch the hand with the FSC to the right carotid artery at the 7th beat of your heart. Also do the same with your left hand with FSC and touch the left carotid artery
You can activate the energies of endurance and patience through listening to or playing musical instruments (including viol and 7-string guitar-tonic)
Orange color and garnet crystal, together with the use of FSC, give the power of God Zhel
It is recommended both for independent work and for use with other FSCs, for example, “WINNER”, “Light of KOLTSOV”, “THREE HIERESTRAGIES”, “INDI”, “LHASA”, “INKI”, No. 13 “HEALTHY INTELLIGENCE”, No. 18 “SYNCHRONIZATION”, FSC bracelet “MAGNAT”

Application of the FSC “POWER OF SPIRIT” in life will give you the opportunity to constantly be in a state of joy from your emotional stability, humility and patience, easily overcome life’s trials, spiritually evolve and experience the emotion of God Zhelya - “Zhelyadom” - the joy of humility, endurance and patience.< br />
The polarization of the cosmic energy channel of God Zhel is prescribed at the FSC “POWER OF SPIRIT”.

The time for structuring water at the FSC “POWER OF SPIRIT” is 2 hours..

Limited edition - check with managers for availability! Best regards, administration....