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FSC Radiance of Hvarna


Maintains and enhances the state of self-confidence, power, wealth, strength exclusively for good purposes, increases self-esteem and gives freedom from the opinions of others, activates the energies of charisma

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
The polarization of the energy portal is prescribed on the FSC on 10/07/2022, on the day of the Zoroastrian holiday of Khvarn.
Water structuring time is 12 minutes.

Maintains and enhances the state of self-confidence, power, wealth, strength exclusively for good purposes, increases self-esteem and gives freedom from the opinions of others, activates the energies of charisma and talent
Activates the internal state of honesty, decency, conscience in the most global sense (from personal demand from oneself to admitting one’s mistakes before God, the Universe), helps to reveal truth and truth, will not allow you to lie to yourself in the first place
Helps ancestral systems align the past and future, cleanse negative messages, deeds, parting words to ancestors and descendants in outgoing and descending messages (from the current generation to their ancestors, from ancestors in future generations to their descendants), helps strengthen the feminine power of the genus, promotes the accelerated process of working out karma ( including through sleep), takes the user to a new level of development
Teaches you to monitor your speech and the words with which people communicate with each other in families, groups, society (“household curses”, messages, slander, insults, etc..), so that the user can consciously avoid the negative development of his future scenario, understanding the possibility of punishment and accepting responsibility for the words spoken and actions taken
Includes “correction energies” as the highest karmic resolution of the situation, returns the negative energy flow to a person who utters swear words, falsehoods and “wishes” of misfortune to someone, performs magical influences, rituals, any types of violence (physical, emotional, intellectual, financial )
Aimed at working through the fear of loneliness and blocked emotions
It launches processes of deep understanding at the level of the soul and heart of the essence of male and female nature by the opposite sex, which enhances energy exchange, the manifestation of mutual understanding, respect, improves relationships in a couple, brings relationships to a new level of trusting communication without fears, reproaches, misunderstandings, it becomes possible to speak the truth and to be accepted, claims, lies go away
Opens the heart to love, kindness, happiness, prosperity, abundance, blessings of the Higher powers, brings closer to nature, to Earth and Solar rhythms, to harmony and grace
Gives the user the opportunity to change the natural course of events, get out of the closed wheel of time, helps to launch processes of changing fate for the better, endows the user (as his spiritual readiness) with the ability to overcome obstacles and anticipate situations
Gives the user the opportunity to build a destiny, change the natural course of events in their life for the better, get out of the energy-consuming state of “squirrel in a wheel”, i.e. will help open the endless wheel of time, transform chaos into the kingdom of harmony
Connects the user to global rhythms where horoscopes do not operate, while increasing the level of a person’s responsibility for his life
Working with FSC with good thoughts and intentions, in a state of flow and inspiration, the user is endowed with an individual superpower that helps destroy the evil of the past, create the good of the present and future in their space, gradually expanding the sphere of influence on society
Works with anxiety programs, incl..causeless, helps to release and dispel the energies of fear, heal the soul, activates the energies of a higher, 10th level of harmony
Gives an incentive to complete previously started but postponed “for later” tasks in different areas of life in order to regain the energy remaining in the unfinished processes of the past
Helps with problems in the lumbosacral region, unblocks energy flows, helps relieve inflammation, tension
Helps relieve and heal the energetic effects of physical abuse

Recommendations for the use of the FSC “SHINE OF KHVARNA”:

Creates a unique tandem with FSC “NEW STAR”
Works with the user’s physical body and energy gently and purposefully, “highlighting” and helping to resolve problems
Use in the first half of the day, at least 4-5 hours before bedtime; it is not recommended to place it in the sleeping area (bed, headboard, bedside tables)
Learn to control the energy flow of this FSC, you can purposefully apply it to various parts of the body, organs that require special attention, care and support
FSC “SHINE OF KHVARNA”, as the Supreme Court of energies, reveals the truth. Must be used in controversial moments, conflicts, to resolve situations, relationships, when filing a claim for protection of honor and dignity, etc.
FSC will help you gain the courage to sincerely ask for forgiveness from those to whom you have caused harm in any form - from banal gossip to more terrible acts, thereby opening up and trusting the Forces of Light
Helps men and women create harmonious, sincere, warm relationships, therefore it is necessary for all families, couples, because helps men/women understand, respect and love their “other half” without any conventions
Perform energy massages of the spine, channels and meridians, bioactive points of Su-Jok therapy
You can do the pumping by placing it on the tailbone (for men) or sitting on a plate (for women), it gently helps resolve issues in urology and gynecology (fear, negative experience, any violence)
During times of anxiety, excitement and fear, place the FSC on the Soul area
Creates a trio with the FSC “WHEEL OF DESTINY” and “SACRED LOVE” to demonstrate justice, honesty with oneself, leveling the balance of energies on the subtle plane
Creates a tandem with FSC “GOLDEN SAND”. Place the FSC “GOLDEN SAND” under the 1st energy center, and the FSC “SHARING OF KHVARNA” on the 7th energy center for a few minutes..The “veil” is removed from the subtle bodies, the physical body is cleansed, the negative messages of the past are eliminated in order to energetically free the future and restore the integrity of the user’s biofield. Feet may vibrate due to excess energy
When a user interacts with the FSC “SHARING OF KHVARNA” with the best intentions, he will be supported and guided by Divine providence and grace as rays of Light from the Higher world of infinite time - Eternity
FSC is necessary for all people in our reformist times, especially public people, politicians at any level, artists and cultural workers and all those who strive to ensure the harmonious development of their society and the world as a whole, who have a number of additional opportunities to make certain changes and adjustments to the program of global world order
Combines with any FSC, especially: “CHISTY VZGLYAD”/“CHISTY VZGLYAD-2” to relieve tension and fatigue from the eyes