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FSC Secrets of Alaska


The polarization of water from glacial lake Portage (Portage Glacier), Kenai Peninsula, USA, Alaska is registered on the FSC..

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
The polarization of water from glacial lake Portage (Portage Glacier), Kenai Peninsula, USA, Alaska is registered on the FSC.
Water structuring time is 15 minutes.

Activates the user's energies of stability and firmness, sensitivity and responsiveness
Maintains etheric bonds with the highest and purest part of the airy sphere
By harmonizing the balance of the Element of Water in the user, it restores metabolic processes in the body and normalizes the functioning of the lymphatic system
Includes the user's level of consciousness in the creative aspect
Provides additional field power resource, restores the integral structure of the biofield
Opens system programs of the user’s good field of life through the structuring of space
Activates the constructive order of the high vibration system
As the user matures spiritually, it gives the opportunity to connect to the water Chronicles of Mokosh (Akashic Chronicles) to obtain the necessary information
Activates the 9th, 8th, 7th and 3rd energy centers, connecting and subordinating the will of the user to the Will of the Higher Powers, while there is a significant, important point - not suppressing the will of a person, but integrating it into the Higher Plan
If the user has the gift of clairvoyance, even in a “sleeping” state, FSC activates and reveals this gift
Working with the Corrector, the user becomes the “hands” of the Higher Powers, i.e. does and says what is needed for the significant development of various niches, spheres, destinies of others for the benefit
The user himself begins to live his life correctly, according to the plan of the Soul, and not the plan of his human mind or ego formed by society
Can give insights (insights), answer questions: “Why does a person not have the relationship he wants.” You may not like the answers, because you will have to give up illusions and rethink your desires, dreams, thinking, behavior
It works to accept one’s negative sides smoothly, multifacetedly, and at all levels at once, especially the mental (thoughts); it also works with consciousness and emotions through exacerbations, when the realization comes that this is a normal process, that everything will definitely pass
Helps those who are looking for their path in life, incl. to find your integrity. Those..makes it possible to realize your integrity, to accept yourself from both sides
Helps to get rid of false ideas about oneself, gradually remove obstacles in the form of imposed and false beliefs, and also to accept and feel the phrase “a crisis is a point of growth”
Gives clarity of consciousness, helps to remove the veil from the eyes when there is no clarity or understandable certainty. A state of awareness is when a person is in harmony with his inner nature every minute and lives in harmony, balance
Removes all the veils of lies, deception, hypocrisy in the mind. Teaches how to stop deceiving yourself. A person in cramped/difficult circumstances constantly lives in a social mask, deceiving himself and others, trying to be good to everyone (and thereby violates the opportunity to realize his Destiny)
Helps you move through life without falling, to maintain balance, because this is the art and mastery of life. The higher we rise in spiritual growth, the more difficult it is to maintain balance, and the more we need to be able to balance, incl. using FSC
Allows you to clear and transform negative programs of the past
When working with the 1st EC, it works as a recapitulation of complex, problematic traumatic events, removes emotional stress, i.e. works with events from the subconscious that he forgot about, but they are processed quickly, comprehended in a new way and thus the scattered energy is returned
Helps you realize your true, main, real, real purpose in life. If previously there might have been: uncertainty, doubts, loss of faith in oneself, one’s strengths, abilities due to the fact that it was not possible to maintain the position of maintaining the results obtained, then FSC removes all interference and gives a clear, precise understanding of the depth and confidence in the truth of the goal , as well as an understanding that this is exactly your goal and how you can weave it into your life without fanaticism or a sense of self-importance
Helps to understand, identify and eliminate tricks, substitutions, substitution of concepts, fraud, self-interest, infringement of people's interests and violation of the laws of Supreme justice, harmony and love
Allows you to move consciousness to other dimensions - inclusion of the 8th and 9th EC (effectiveness depends on experience and number of incarnations). You can practice OBE (out-of-body travel practices), i.e. you can be both an observer of life in other dimensions (i.e. watch it like a “movie”), and travel, i.e..gain experience of presence in other dimensions and parallels in order to study and correct fate, events, based on interests and requests
Allows you to stop the internal dialogue, achieve a state of silence, deep internal balance
Strengthens health. And the stronger the health of the user, the better and easier the FSC energies will be transferred
Works for healing, cleansing the musculoskeletal system and musculoskeletal system, helps relieve pain, fills the sore spot (organs) with Fire energy
Works with viruses and bacteria (cleanses the body with the energy of Fire)

Recommendations for using the FSC “SECRETS OF ALASKA”:

The energy of this “place of power” (this is the portal through which energies pass for the development of the planet according to the Higher Plan) - neutral, not masculine, not feminine, impartial - works slowly, fundamentally, carefully
Purpose - serving people through achieving the Highest manifestation in the human body, manifestation of thoughts and achieving a balance of energies, the mission is to transmit information using these energies
These energies are for those who are ready to serve society. At the same time, he can solve some of his personal problems, but only at the same time. These energies are for service in society. For those who are capable of being a Guide to the Higher Powers, with their voice, hands, feet, i.e. act with yourself, your personality as a guide
If a person needs to go through a crisis for his development, then he will subconsciously go into the situation, contrary to the games of the mind (mind, ego), create a crisis, live through it and receive the necessary development
On any topic that interests you, take the FSC in your palm and ask a question or phrase. Depending on the level of contact with yourself, you receive answers, knowledge, and also the loading of the state that you need to work with the topic. The result is accelerated understanding, awareness and completion of the lesson. There are no restrictions on the range of questions you can ask
For seasonal diseases (viruses, for example), you need to drink water structured with FSC
FSC can be used upon request without restrictions, taking into account professional orientation, at negotiations at various levels, including at the highest government level, where issues of national security and protection of the country’s national interests arise..All issues related to the protection of people's lives, creation, creativity, science, training, development
Can be used for warriors, to aid in the "hiding" technique
Useful for people who are developing and working on themselves. This energy level is too high
For those who are engaged in spiritual practices and are looking for an answer to the question “who am I”
FSC is important for meditation. Can immerse oneself so deeply that the state can move into a deep meditative state or deep lucid sleep. With each new process, this state can change and deepen in purity of awareness, because each time the energy level increases, and the energy fields become cleaner, the level of attention is easier to maintain at a high level, in time this state can be maintained longer
Meditation can be done on the 3rd EC (solar plexus chakra), because... this is a projection of earthly consciousness, the ordinary material world. To attract her, you need to work with her purposefully. The FSC will turn on, begin to interact instantly and resonate with what is needed
At the first stage of work, you need to use FSC in the evening and immediately before bedtime, because puts it into working condition. But gradually, after some time (for each individual), it will be possible to put it in the sleep zone, using it for lucid dreaming (practice of lucid dreaming) and receiving answers to the questions posed, and receiving dream predictions, to solve your professional questions and tasks
If you work in tandem with the FSC “HOLY SOURCE” (in your left hand), then it is first recommended to interact with “SECRETS OF ALASKA” (in your right hand). After feeling light, take the second Corrector. Powerful activation for a better future, Divine Tone (Mode), understanding of the greatness of Life, man, the presence of God in the Soul of every person. Helps you enter into flow meditation to connect with the Spirit. Organ music enhances the tandem effect
An alternative name for the FSC is “DESTINY CORRECTOR”