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FSC Tapir Cave. Cenotes of Yucatan


Helps with various neurotic disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, emotional burnout, prevents the occurrence of neurotic manifestations with increased emotionality, vulnerability and an inferiority complex, which affects the formation of character

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
FSC "Tapir Cave. Cenotes of Yucatan"

Activates a person’s spiritual awakening, promotes the discovery of deep wisdom and memory, removes outdated life programs
Fills a person with the strength and energy of the Earth, activates his internal resourcefulness
Works with consciousness, transfers the user to a higher level of perception of life
Helps to enter the corridors of the subconscious, identify triggers (anger, resentment, sadness, rejection of situations, suppression of emotions) at the level of various organs and identify points for spiritual and physical healing
Helps to strengthen 3 types of “radiations” in a person: magnetic (physical and etheric level), solar (Soul level), electrical (Spirit level), which creates a healing space and triggers healing processes on the physical and subtle levels
Gives the user new emotional capabilities, thereby expanding the boundaries and increasing the level of emotional intelligence of the individual, teaching him to cope and master emotions
“Getting to the bottom” and identifying the root causes of diseases at the cellular level, contributing to the further launch of deep healing processes
Promotes detoxification of the body, which reduces to the least likelihood the potential for a person to fall into illness
Relieves anxiety from uncertainty; like a magnet, gently attracts and gently cleanses fears, fills with structured high-frequency energy
Includes filling the user with pure Higher maternal energy, giving pure consciousness, deep vision, harmonious presence and movement through life
Aimed at developing generic programs, incl. on the emotional level (when the ancestors did not have permission to express certain emotions, and they were blocked in the physical body, and then transferred into blocks and health problems transmitted through the family)
Creates a high degree of balance of the 4 Elements, which provides the necessary key to stability of temperament and the transition of emotional traumas into a deep feeling and awareness of the harmony of the inner world
In the family space (apartment, house, dacha) it creates equal high-frequency vibrations of love, respect, mutual understanding (incl..between representatives of different generations); organizes a personal comfort zone for the user, in which all family members become energetically harmonious with each other (“catch up”)
Promotes the manifestation of the highest degree of intuition, activation of the “third eye”, manifestation of abilities for clairvoyance, clairvoyance
Through the activation of the Element of Water, it enables a person to begin a new, blissful stage of life and endows him with good qualities: intuitiveness, adaptability, goodwill, flexibility, good-heartedness
Aimed at creating a space of options for the realization of creative abilities, awakening personal internal energy and unlocking the potential for creative creativity of the user

Recommendations for the use of the FSC “TAPIRA CAVE. CENOTES OF YUCATAN"

It is better to start getting acquainted with FSC by applying the plate to the projection of the thymus gland (to the Soul), holding the plate with your left hand (for left-handers - with your right)
Apply organs to the projection, talk to them, ask for healing by expressing a request for forgiveness. After the internal feeling of “enough” appears when working with a specific organ, the FSC must be transferred each time to the projection of the thymus gland
It is especially recommended for specialized specialists and parents for working with children of all ages (especially up to 8-9 years old), it creates a desire for pure consciousness and a bright perception of future life
Effectively used in practice when working with generic programs
Very suitable for meditation, manifestation and development of human sensory abilities
Recommended for use by spiritual mentors and teachers who guide people to connect with the Source of Light
To create creative schools, studios, workshops, unions, personal exhibitions in various fields of art and culture
Pumping to manifest the energy of creation, entering a state of co-creativity: first put FSC No. 20 on your head (7th energy center, chakra), sit with the 1st energy center (chakra) on the FSC “TAPIRA CAVE. CENOTES OF YUCATAN" for a few minutes, then swap the correctors - FSC "TAPIRA CAVE. CENOTES OF YUCATAN” place on your head (7th energy center, chakra), sit with the 1st energy center (chakra) at FSC No. 20 for a few minutes..The work of all energy centers is switched on, the biofield is powerfully filled with pure high-frequency energies

At the FSC “TAPIRA CAVE. CENOTES OF YUCATAN" describes the polarization of the water of the cenote "La Cueva del Tapir" (Tapir Cave, 30 km from Puerto Morelos, Yucatan, Mexico).

Time of water structuring at FSC “TAPIRA CAVE. CENOTES OF YUCATAN” – 8 hours.

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