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FSC Kuza Cave. Zanzibar


The polarization of water from the Kuza Cave cave (Zanzibar Island) is registered on the FSC. Helps harmonize the functioning of the nervous system, return the processes of inhibition and excitation to a state of balance, restore....

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....

The polarization of the energy channel of the date 10.16.2023, one of the Mithraic holidays in the Zoroastrian tradition, is registered on the FSC. This is a holiday of choice, and Mithra is a god associated with the sun and its rays, the patron and guardian of Heavenly Law, justice and order.
The time for structuring (informatization) of water is 15 minutes.

Includes a channel of communication with the Highest levels of consciousness; they are the best mentors; you can always coordinate all goals and objectives with them. The Higher Self is the level, order and quality of coordination of actions, as well as intention, will, desire for the best, for creativity, the manifestation of all this in the user’s life
Reveals the ability to blissfully accept all Decisions of the Higher Powers regarding what is happening both in personal destiny and in the destiny of the world as a whole. Those. eliminates the user’s internal “war” with himself
Gives awareness of the current order of things, understanding of its cause-and-effect relationships, helps to think rationally, be emotionally balanced in order to follow this order without increasing injustice (without harming your karma)
Helps to form and establish agreement between people, moral and legal boundaries, leads to peaceful agreements, i.e. activates the user's desire to implement the principles of honor and justice, order and law
Recreates justice and maintains a balance between “take” and “give” in the user’s interaction with people and the world, through the positive properties of energies, harmonizes and creates peaceful relationships between people, protects and protects the user from discord and misfortune
Helps the user follow the golden rule of the given promise (oath) - “You gave your word - keep it!” Encourages compliance with agreements and interests of others (partner, friend, father, etc..), as your own, activates the energies of unity and brings people closer together
Includes the regulation of action algorithms where the balance of truth and justice of the Higher order has not been observed, this energy begins to correctly place situations in their places for all participants in events united by a common cause or interests
Contributes to the implementation of high bright ideas and aspirations for helping a large number of people or a specific person if they really need help and their rights are violated, and they are deceived or defenseless
It neutralizes critical rhetoric and moves conversations into a business direction: if you want things to be different, make a constructive proposal and work for the good, and don’t engage in “idle talk”
Promotes the development of willpower, building intentions and awareness of one’s responsibility, directs any human activity in a favorable direction
Activates the desire to gain knowledge, leads to an understanding of one’s purpose in a particular area to achieve goals and objectives in life, for health, what one needs to learn (courses, trainings, webinars, etc.)
Helps in realizing intentions, in recognizing one’s true desires, which a person cannot decide to fulfill or is afraid of them. Therefore, even if anxiety or doubt arises, you need to face your true desires in spite of everything
Strengthens the effect of visualizing intentions to attract what you want into your life. Therefore, it is important to realize: what are you thinking about when you work with this FSC
Contributes to the fulfillment of desires related to obtaining spiritual knowledge, meeting with a Spiritual mentor
Gives awareness of one’s own justice, impartiality and chastity without feelings of guilt - as an impulse for correction and self-improvement
Turns on and cleanses all EC (chakras) and meridians of the user
Leads the user to the awareness of personal fears, raises them from the subconscious for further elaboration in order to successfully move further along the path of personal spiritual development, moral and emotional formation
Removes prohibitions that unfairly limit/suppress a personality and prevent its Beauty from appearing, helps to change beliefs that have developed over the years as a result of upbringing or indoctrination that expressing oneself is indecent or immodest, because....this limits the user's personality structure
Gives physical strength and an energetic desire to bring order everywhere, in different areas of interest and life: in the house, on the desktop, in papers, in relationships, etc.
Helps relieve energy overstrain, anxiety, excitement, guilt, resentment, helps cleanse the user of internal destructive energies
Aimed at working with self-esteem, both high and low. Both options are fraught with multi-layered problems for the user, so it is important to bring balance and an adequate state of self-assessment independent of anyone
Opens up cash flow for putting financial affairs in order, but not for waste and whims, but for truly necessary needs and useful tasks: treatment, travel to “places of power”, training, etc.
Creates conditions for the expulsion of energy “settlers” and any other low-frequency entities from the user’s subtle structures
Love is a consequence of Order. Order is the channels for the free flow of Love. When there is order within a person, love flows within him. When there is order around a person, then everything is filled with love, when there is order in relationships, then love easily moves between people without interference
Helps maintain friendly relationships and protects marital unions
Helps each user to show their best potential, expands capabilities, gives strength to achieve their plans
Sets you up for creativity in any of its manifestations
Helps cleanse karma (ancestral, personal) of any kind
Works with space, fills it with golden light, crystal purity, helps create the space you need for different purposes (home, office, performance, negotiations, sessions with a psychologist, meditation, etc.)
Works to improve the health of the musculoskeletal system, the musculoskeletal system (relieving tension, pain)

Recommendations for the use of the FSC “ENERGY OF JUSTICE”:

A strong flow of energy turns on immediately, you can concentrate on looking (tuning in) to the FSC for some time (no more than a minute)..The flow constantly circulates in a circle from top to bottom with pauses at the throat center, covers the entire thoracic region (from the lower jaw to the solar plexus), the heart center
Everyone needs FSC! He will conduct an internal “audit”, help correct the body, heart, soul, consciousness and work as a personal psychotherapist, doctor, friend. It will help you switch to a state of consciousness that will lead to an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, and will help you understand what was previously invisible or incomprehensible. In each case, he will find what each specific user needs to work with
For those who have lost heart. This energy will help you rise “from under the plinth” to the level of “you are a human, you can! Go and do it, you will succeed!”
Apply for the fulfillment of a desire, the FSC energy will bring people who can fulfill this desire (notes, meditations and other practices)
If you need a spiritual teacher, a mentor, a good teacher in some craft, in some educational subject, you need to turn to the energy of Mitra and ask for it
Necessary for all politicians and government officials of any scale for a fair professional path
Important for the military, because order, discipline and responsibility are of paramount importance for them
An excellent tool for psychologists and helping professionals
To help everyone who wants to intelligently organize and implement their business, a business of any level and scale
Serves as a wonderful amulet for the whole family
If you have been treated unfairly, work with the FSC in a positive way to resolve the situation successfully (without the condition of punishing the offender)
It is recommended to listen carefully to your body while working with the Corrector. Relax and observe emotions, thoughts, physical sensations, because... FSC works on all levels in all bodies. The following may appear: physical and emotional pain, negative thoughts and emotions (for example, resentment), in this case it is necessary to let go of control and trust the process as much as possible. The main thing is to correctly understand, realize, let go, forgive and the problem will begin to heal
Perform the self-regulation technique: when you enter a special state of consciousness, listen to the body and allow it to self-heal, and if the body wants to move, then listen to it and allow it to move. Under the influence of FSC energy, the body actively begins to move, as if a manualist begins to control it (i.e..another person with the help of his hands), the energy moves from top to bottom along the back surface of the body, then from bottom to top along the front surface, and so makes several cycles until everything works out
Use in healing and meditation techniques to harmonize the state; “advanced” ones introduce a regression plate into work - it helps to be transported into the past, to key points in time, where alternative branches of the development of events are formed. But it builds a connection with the present and recommendations come for the present time
If necessary, create the necessary tandems and combinations with other FSCs released earlier