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FSC Fire of the Universe


The polarization of the energy channel is prescribed at the FSC on 08/15/2023 - on the day of the Festival of Fire (Fire of the Kings, Atar Gushtasp) in the Zoroastrian tradition..

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
The polarization of the energy channel is prescribed at the FSC on 08/15/2023 - on the day of the Festival of Fire (Fire of the Kings, Atar Gushtasp) in the Zoroastrian tradition. The Fire of Kings is a powerful channel of Light, the Power of Kundalini in its highest sense, this is participation in a gigantic force, the ability to rule in society and by society.
Water structuring time is 20 minutes.

Fills with strength, releases creative energy, activates the process of true creativity without vanity, while the user is able to offer the world something new, unique (direction, style, format, materials, etc.)
Shows the meaning of the union of freedom and creativity through the energies of Fire, which illuminates the path to the future, in which there will be no place for the manifestation of evil (Fire as a symbol of the awakening of the divine nature in man, maintaining the flow of life and material creations)
Creates the feeling of an energetic crown on the head. The Crown collects energy and knowledge from above to guide it into the 6th EC and thus give a wise vision of life. Then moves to the 4th EC to open the heart to the living, then to the 3rd EC so that the user shows his will in managing situations
Activates the 4th and 5th EC (chakras) - “I speak from the heart, I lead from the heart, I say what’s in my heart (but with respect for others)”, i.e. will help to express your thoughts, point of view, vision of the situation correctly, so as not to offend anyone, but to maintain your personal boundaries
Fills all channels and EC with positive solar energy, as if fanning all the user’s bodies with warm fire
Activates the moral aspect of the user
Grounds, creates a strong, stable connection with the material world through inner sensation
Gives joy, happiness, triumph of a dream/desire come true, inspiration, but does not go off scale to the level of a holiday, but adds mischief and lightness of being
Gives through awareness the belief that the Universe supports you, through the acquisition of maturity, wisdom, growth without resistance or rejection
Allows you to easily and joyfully achieve success, move through life, and not cling to the past..This state is similar to fortune, luck, happiness
Helps you easily change the future of yourself and others, make the necessary changes to plans for the development of society, carry out reforms in the format of realizing your own responsibility for this
Allows the user to be at a high spiritual level and at the same time stand in the service of the highest interests of the evolution of the entire Universe, to be part of this world, to serve the world, the Earth and people, restore the integrity of the world, bring energy, love, harmony and beauty into the real world that surrounds you and me reality
Provides valuable ability to calculate possible scenarios and their consequences
Gives peace in accepting one’s Share (Fate), the awareness that each Share has its own gifts and the user can cope with crisis situations through the gifts received along with the Share, with understanding and gratitude
Gives a good-natured and ironic attitude towards unpleasant situations, because life is still a celebration of being
Helps to get out of a negative emotional state or simply cheer up
Helps overcome fears through their transformation through the alchemy of the Spirit
Gives connection with the Higher World of Light to those users who are engaged in Service, their heart begins to “sing” a hymn to the entire Universe
Activates the energies of longevity and life extension through purification processes with fire energy
Promotes awareness of the truth and making the right decisions, removes all old behavioral programs
Restores the power of the Family, renews (if it was lost or the user has not previously worked with this topic) connection with the Family
Works with lucid dreams: you can keep the FSC under your pillow, ask a question before going to sleep and receive an answer through a dream (the answer will “unpack” at the right moment in a lucid state)

Recommendations for the use of FSC “FIRE OF THE UNIVERSE”

Creates a healing tandem with the FSC “HEALTH CODE” as a union of two hearts, united into a single heart of the Soul for:
powerful healing of the physical body
accepting the energy of Light and wisdom of the Universe
directing the user to the stage of powerful spiritual energy cleansing from incorrect judgments and everything that does not correspond to the level of development
inclusion of resource state through rest
obtaining the necessary settings before further achievements in new energies
opening the spiritual heart in order to realize even more deeply your true purpose, your natural self-worth
When working together as a tandem, it is recommended to hold “FIRE OF THE UNIVERSE” in your left hand, “HEALTH CODE” - in your right hand
FSC works very softly, but deeply, with great love, like a good doctor (from the heart, soul, with a high level of compassion), also identified blocks can respond to painful sensations (in this case, be sure to track where exactly, i.e..e. this indicates the localization of the problem/disease)
Necessary for managers of any level, event organizers, politicians, artists, teachers, especially those people who have influence on society, its development, long-term planning, modeling of different spheres of life
A must have for every person who is involved in creation in any field of activity (creativity, business, technology, music, handicrafts, etc.)
To make decisions or realize something, you can light candles and think through the situation, then take a thoughtlessness pause (i.e., stop the running of thoughts and thoughts), creating a field of pure potentiality in your consciousness, and subsequently track incoming thoughts and dreams through which you get a hint for the correct solution to the situation
Helps remove negative information from a person (imported negative information and negative energy destructive programs), for this you can take a small amount of clay or sand, dilute it with structured water at FSC to the thickness of homemade sour cream and leave the prints of your hands and feet there
Heals the body through the practice of lighting the Divine fire in the heart: having fixed the FSC on the 4th EC, it is necessary to imagine a violet flame there
Includes body rejuvenation processes. To do this, you can swim with FSC in its rays at sunrise, imagining how sunlight burns the “mask” of old age and visualize yourself in a young body. Or take structured baths, adding a glass of milk, structure creams and masks at FSC
Use FSC when creating something with your hands (attaching the plate to your wrist), when planting trees, bushes, seeds, mentally imagining yourself in the desired future
You can ask in meditations, requests, intentions to return the memory of past incarnations for better implementation (better qualities, knowledge, skills, etc.) in this incarnation, because everything that was previously developed was created for the current incarnation of the user. You can ask for the opportunity to heal what was negative in past lives - betrayal, betrayal, destruction, illness, resentment, etc.