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FSC New Star


Helps to develop the potential of the user's capabilities: to reveal knowledge about oneself in order to gain a deeper knowledge of one's Soul, expand one's consciousness and realize oneself as a Co-Creator of both one's life and one's role in the global world order

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
The polarization of water taken on the day of the autumnal equinox, September 22, 2022, is registered on the FSC.
Structuring time – 20 minutes.

Helps to develop the potential of the user's capabilities: to reveal knowledge about oneself in order to gain a deeper knowledge of one's Soul, expand one's consciousness and realize oneself as a Co-Creator of both one's life and one's role in the global world order
It makes it possible to realize the accumulated internal qualities in external life, to manifest and bring creative creative energy into all processes of life, to receive endless pleasure and inspiration from this
Directs the user's energies to realize their desires
Helps the user to work on himself, with his inner world, his expectations and desires, fears and failures, promotes the formation of a strong connection with his Self - the Highest Divine aspect of being
Gives the user a balancing of the purity of high-frequency photon and plasma energies for the transition to a higher stage of development, promotes the connection of the Higher Forces of Light to change life for the better, to establish relationships of any order, complete old affairs and open to a new stage in life
Works with the information field (new knowledge, tasks, discoveries will come), promotes the successful start of new businesses and leads them to success, incl. financial, helps to get rid of everything bad in life and attract love, health and good luck. For those users who are ready, clear knowledge comes - what exactly needs to be done to achieve goals, how to live, where to move in a state of awareness
Creates conditions to protect the user in society from external aggression, promotes a successful road
Promotes attunement to the Cosmic rhythms of the Universe, synchronizes circadian rhythms with human biorhythms, because time is energy, and in biologically living systems it has its own rhythm
Helps to receive the energy of one’s Kin, support of the ancestral system, to feel the timeless connection of generations
Grants total healing of the Soul, Spirit, Body in all aspects, helps to work through suffering/psychological trauma, fills the user with powerful healing energy, restores physical, emotional and mental health
Works to improve the bronchopulmonary system in a wide range of inflammatory diseases (bronchitis, pneumonia, etc..), prevents congestion, increases blood circulation
Works with the spine segmentally - with the thoracic region, shoulder joints, improves innervation for numbness of the arms
Has a beneficial effect on the skin, promotes the healing of small wounds, external rejuvenation, and includes health programs
Works to eliminate the consequences of head injuries (concussions, mild brain contusions, contusions, loss of consciousness for unknown reasons), incl. long-standing, forgotten, but affecting the state of health (visual system, hearing organs, brain, headaches, etc.)
Helps unmarried women find their betrothed
Grants the birth of “star children” (a new level of energetic development), helps newborn children neutralize the consequences of injuries of the birth canal, and “Caesareans” fully enter into life thanks to connection to the parental birth canals (father and mother)
Helps the physical body “catch up” with its Soul in terms of adaptation to new energies, so that a new star is born in each user

Recommendations for the use of the FSC “NEW STAR”:

Creates a unique tandem with the FSC “SHINE OF KHVARNA” for total healing of the Soul, Spirit, Body in all aspects
Together with the FSC "MIGRENON" it creates a powerful tandem that works with headaches and eliminates the consequences of head injuries, complementing and enhancing the overall informational impact of the energies of the plates
Works effectively in rehabilitation protocols after various operations on the head, eyes, face, ears (including plastic)
Particularly works with higher energy centers (chakras) - from the 5th and above (up to the 8th)
When planning conception and the entire period of pregnancy, it is advisable for a woman to wear the FSC in her field (on her body, in her pocket)
Necessary in case of difficult labor, works with newborn babies whose fontanel is open
Important for everyone during the cold period for the prevention and correction of respiratory diseases, for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, in rehabilitation programs
Necessary for older people with limited mobility, bedridden patients - helps the respiratory organs cope with stagnant processes
Significantly increases the efficiency of breathing exercises and practices..Attach the FSC to your arm or body, preferably in the lung area
Washing with structured water and using informatized cosmetics help preserve youth and beauty
Be sure to take FSC with you on trips, trips, to go out into society
When carried in a wallet, the FSC helps to increase cash flow
In the morning, watching the sunrise (you can mentally), with FSC imagine what you want in images
As the user experiences true Spiritual awakening, it helps to activate the kundalini energy; if desired and the Spirit is ready, the intention can be created on the FSC: “I ask you to attract the energy of the Pleiades into my energy structure for the activation and development of Kundalini”
Through structured and sprinkled salt outside the entrance door it helps to create a barrier against negativity
Creative people need it for work, creating comfortable conditions for co-Creation, entering the Flow
This is the FSC of choice for meditation, for attunement, transformation, mental awakening
Use in spiritual practices, asceticism, when writing “letters of gratitude” (psychological technique)