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FSC Threads of the Universe


Opens up space, forms a connection with the Higher Worlds of the Universe. Helps to align the user’s energy fields and structures, eliminating “distortions” in them

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
The polarization of the water sampled on July 2, 2022 is registered on the FSC; according to the folk calendar, this is the day of Zosima the beekeeper.
Structuring time is 15 minutes.

Opens space, forms a connection with the Higher Worlds of the Universe
Helps to align the user’s energy fields and structures, eliminating “distortions” in them
It is a powerful transformer of negative mental energy, cleanses the user’s space and everyone who enters it
Activates energy detoxification processes in the user’s body, provides cleansing (removes the burden of the past), renewal, and filling with energies of cosmic flows
Accelerates energy flows and catalyzes biochemical processes
Gradually restores the connection between the micro- and macrocosmos at the information level through the restoration of ancestral connections and the activation of the user’s subtle bodies
Maintains higher energy centers (7-9) in working order, gives a deep holistic understanding of the significance of life on Earth
Works with the emotional level, with consciousness and subconsciousness, with all energy centers (chakras)
Connects a person with the energy-information structure of the Sun, brings energy flows into the field for healing, incl. for phantom pain
Helps increase material wealth and pay off financial debts (see..Recommendations for use) helps to “ground” the user in order to enable the flow of energy to achieve financial goals to achieve an individual level of wealth
Activates the intuitive Divine channel, favors new good beginnings and deeds, attracting success to them
Gives a person health, moral strength and happiness, helps to make a person’s life “sweet”
Helps gently and gently heal any organs through high-frequency energies of love, opening the heart center
Raising to the level of love, it is aimed at eliminating the state of sacrifice and suffering, resentment and anger, and where there is a problem, a very sensitive activation occurs
Works like a “Lilac Flame”, burning unnecessary, harmful and destructive programs
Works to cleanse the lymphatic system, liver and gallbladder (through them the energies of anger, aggression, resentment are released)
Helps you understand yourself, find the root causes of failures and transform them into positive experiences
Gives protection to bees and beekeepers
Increases the honey production of bees, prevents and heals bee diseases

Recommendations for the use of the FSC “THREADS OF THE UNIVERSE”:

Creates a unique tandem with FSC “SMILE OF THE SUN”
How to get started: stand on the plate with your legs (feet). The plate lies horizontal to the body, each foot should grip the elements. A “cosmic egg” will begin to form around the user - a protective cocoon
The FSC energy arrives and opens quickly, but in doses, gradually, until the previous flow is completely accepted and mastered. Energy centers are switched on sequentially: 4th, 5th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st
It is not recommended to do evening pumping and place it under the pillow at night - the powerful filling streams will not allow you to fall asleep. Application time (pumping, water) from morning to 17:00
When using FSC, it is advisable not to be in a state of sadness and sadness
You can pay off a debt with the FSC in the following way: create a mental intention and say “soon I will return the debt,” attach the FSC to the wrist of your right hand and pay off the debt with this hand..When making an online transfer, also create an intention, speak and also carry out the fund transfer operation with your right hand
It comes as a special help to users who work shift schedules (at night), truck drivers, during emergency after-hours work, for travelers (change of time zones)
A unique trio arises that helps to receive healing at the Soul level: take the “THREADS OF THE UNIVERSE” in your right hand, and the FSC “WHEEL OF DESTINY” in your left hand, observe your emotions and the state of your physical body for a few minutes. FSC “SACRED LOVE” - as the main arbiter in love and relationships: place it on the projection of the thymus gland (Soul). It transforms any emotions and raises the vibrational flow and consciousness to the highest energy level of love
07 is the day of Zosima the Beekeeper according to the folk calendar. Structure the water and honey that is left in the hives for the bees into FSC, while expressing the ritual words as an intention: “Swarm gudi, fly to the field, return home from the field, bring the honey”
By structuring honey (cellular, liquid) for use using this FSC, you can create intentions at the field level to restore the energy system at the DNA level to the norm of the Creator