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FSC Magic of love


Aimed at balancing hormonal levels, and also helps smooth out menopausal symptoms in older people (mood swings, outbursts of aggression, hot flashes, etc.)

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
The polarization of the water of the healing hot spring Bibi-Fatima (village Yamchun, altitude 3200 meters, Pamir, Tajikistan) is prescribed on the FSC.
Water structuring time is 15 minutes.

Prevents and corrects gynecological diseases, including inflammatory processes
Aimed at balancing hormonal levels, and also helps in older people to smooth out menopausal symptoms (mood swings, outbursts of aggression, hot flashes, etc.)
Helps women improve their gynecological health; helps prevent urological diseases (cystitis, nephritis, kidney failure) in men and women
Helps men with prostate diseases
Increases female fertility and works with the causes leading to infertility, incl. helps restore normal patency of the fallopian tubes
Improves microcirculation processes, normalizes blood circulation
Restores metabolic processes in the body, normalizes the functioning of the digestive tract
Prevents premature aging of the body
Improves the condition of joints of dystrophic and traumatic origin, helps relieve inflammation
Helps improve sleep
Forms a special, smiling attitude towards your mistakes, comes a true understanding of the importance of gaining experience and that troubles are a consequence of mistakes, and mistakes are your invaluable, personally lived experience. Life is a series of experiences, that’s why it’s beautiful
Gives an understanding that every life is valuable, regardless of the size of its Mission
Connects with the Source of Wise Love. She looks with a smile where you look in yourself with self-condemnation and shame, eliminates envy
Helps reduce intellectual tension, fatigue quickly disappears after a day of work or training
Gives an understanding of the beauty of human life, instills respect for someone else's path, different from that of each person
Shows in a woman the power of inner and outer beauty, feminine growth, self-enjoyment, individuality
Helps to increase self-esteem, understanding and acceptance of oneself as a beautiful woman, with all the inherent individuality (figure parameters, skin color, eye shape, etc..)
Helps women bring beauty, love, inspiration into all their daily activities
Forms a conscious attitude towards oneself as a Beloved Woman in showing respect and love for oneself, accepting one’s goals, interests, desires in addition to other social roles (mother, wife, daughter, etc.)
Helps to reformat consciousness, which is realized in avoiding the performance of male functions (especially in the presence of a partner) and the manifestation of male qualities, thereby allowing the men around to express themselves as a protector, breadwinner, support
Aimed at showing your best qualities to the outside world: wisdom, strength, spiritual beauty, harmony, care, love
Creates a state of emotional non-involvement in other people's affairs that do not concern the user
Fills with vital energy and strengthens the Spirit, gives hope and energy to realize your dreams
Fills and saturates with the energies of love, tenderness, passion, pleasure
Helps create sensual relationships filled with the deep meaning of accepting each other in a couple relationship
Grants a revival of feelings, relationships, harmony in a couple
Reveals a woman in her true nature of sexuality, femininity, “seductiveness”, endows her with enchanting magnetism
Forms a stable psychological everyday state of a woman, an inner core, trains stress resistance
Helps create a personal space in which you can rest, relax for at least a few minutes to relieve fatigue and recover, replenish the balance of energies for life
Shows and liberates creative desires - dancing, drawing and other options, i.e..a woman begins to realize, manifest and realize her creativity
Helps to form your own individual style - personal brand (clothing, makeup, behavior, gait)
Helps women of any age attract a worthy partner
Helps to accept your children from a state of love at different periods of growing up, to go through the separation process with them less painfully
Helps create a special space to attract a child into the aura of a couple with a conscious desire to have children
Allows you to see yourself through the eyes of a loving Parent
Aimed at cleansing female birth programs from suffering, loneliness, aligning relationships with women in the birth system

Recommendations for using the FSC “MAGIC OF LOVE”:

Creates an amazing tandem with the FSC “AFROSIAB” - aimed at creating Higher harmony in combining manifestations of truly masculine energy with the beauty of feminine energy, forming and maintaining relationships, as well as for the effective improvement of a person
FSC energy is smooth, soft, enveloping
Important for women of any age who are embarrassed by their appearance, who are afraid to show their qualities to the outside world, who need to be liberated in the manifestation of their feminine essence and energies, who want to harmonize their state of mind
Especially recommended for older women to extend the active age of health
Important for mothers to learn how to build warm, trusting relationships with children, help them overcome the crises of growing up and let them go into independent life without being tied to themselves in time
Necessary for couples dreaming of a child, especially if there are health obstacles
When structuring water, you can pronounce intentions for healing, voice requests and desires
You can write a note with one request and put it on the FSC (keep it for at least 5 days), and remain in a state of contemplation and trust
Pumping of information zones of the reproductive system on the face of women: FSC “MAGIC OF LOVE” – on the chin, FSC “BEREGINYA” - on the forehead (the zone where hair begins to grow) for 5 minutes
Pumping the reproductive system through the fingers: hold the FSC “MAGIC OF LOVE” and “BEREGINYA” between the 3rd and 4th fingers on your hands vertically for 3-5 minutes
Pumping the reproductive system: FSC “JADE” to the 2nd energy center in front, and FSC “MAGIC OF LOVE” and “BEREGINYA” to the middle zone of the hip joints - 5-10 min
For urological diseases: FSC “MAGIC OF LOVE” on the level of the 2nd energy center, and FSC No. 2 “DETOX” or “JADE” on the back of the foot..For cystitis, it is better to do such pumping from 15-17 hours.
At the energetic level, to restore energy circulation in the reproductive system, work with the meridians of the pericardium and three heaters, kidneys and bladder
Gives awareness of what problems, including those with physical health, are karmic retribution for offenses inflicted on other people. It is important to realize this and sincerely ask for forgiveness in your Soul from those people who have been offended by words and actions (no matter whether they are in your life now or not)
For those who criticize themselves a lot, who don’t know how to relax, who have lost hope of fulfilling their dreams
Use for structuring all cosmetics as home care, for any salon beauty procedures
A useful tool for general beauty specialists (cosmetologists, surgeons, massage therapists, designers, etc.)
For structuring any intimate hygiene products
Perform a bath with structured water to relieve fatigue and fill with energy
The time for energy to pass through the reproductive system is from 19-21 hours, therefore, for more productive work, it is advisable to use FSC and do pumping at this time
Compatible with all previously released FSCs.