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FSC Health code


The polarization of water from the “Kisly” spring (the holy spring of the Prophet Elijah), near the village, is registered on the FSC. Kievka, Remontnensky district, Rostov region..

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
The polarization of water from the “Kisly” spring (the holy spring of the Prophet Elijah), near the village, is registered on the FSC. Kievka, Remontnensky district, Rostov region.
Structuring time is 20 minutes..

Activates the filling of all bodies with its natural, natural energy in its purest form and format, and the physical body reacts and responds to the energies of the Corrector as to the acquisition of earthly strength
Protects, closes the user’s biofield, provides powerful energy protection
Helps to get out of difficult situations, the user will receive advice (without understanding how and where they came from) as an insight, help in determining the path where to move
Raises repressed, deeply stuck painful memories that a person did not want to live through emotionally, to rethink past situations and release them from the shadow of his consciousness into awareness, and then into a final ending, will help to go to himself, to his essence
Helps to manifest life wisdom in a harmonious perception of everything that happens, leads to a feeling of complete peace of mind inside, gives a feeling of support and the presence of a Guardian Angel behind your back
Harmonizes and balances the right and left hemispheres, which gives a holistic perception of life (logic, actions, feelings, emotions) in a state of love, tenderness, light, support
Works with the ability to psychologically “digest” everything that happens in life, thus increasing the resilience of the Spirit and expanding the horizons and depth of wisdom in all planes
Gives a feeling of support from both heavenly and earthly forces, which may have been lost long ago, as if restoring contact with parents who have already left
Parting words: take care and preserve Purity and Light within yourself, act in the new time according to Purity and Light
Works with healing energies on all levels, aligns and balances all bodies
Aimed at powerful healing of the body, elimination of any inflammatory processes, healing of mucous membranes
Corrects and prevents psychosomatic causes of digestive diseases
Helps restore the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, ulcers of the stomach and duodenum and large intestine, constipation) in complex therapy, normalizes the tone of the stomach walls, peristalsis, improves the condition of the pancreas
Improves the health of the liver and gallbladder (hepatitis of various origins, cholecystitis, dyskinesia of the gallbladder, etc.)
Helps normalize the weight category, because.helps normalize metabolism in the body (protein, carbohydrate, lipid)
Helps correct skin diseases, can have a wound-healing effect, helps eliminate itching, rashes, dermatitis, burns, improves the condition of the skin and hair, and triggers external rejuvenation processes
Activates the process of healing the reproductive system organs in men and women
Has a positive healing effect on the human musculoskeletal and musculoskeletal systems, especially on the joints and spine

Recommendations for the use of the FSC “HEALTH CODE”:

Creates a healing tandem with the FSC “FIRE OF THE UNIVERSE” as a union of two hearts, united into a single heart of the Soul for:
powerful healing of the physical body
accepting the energy of Light and wisdom of the Universe
directing the user to the stage of powerful spiritual energy cleansing from incorrect judgments and everything that does not correspond to the level of development
inclusion of resource state through rest
obtaining the necessary settings before further achievements in new energies
opening the spiritual heart in order to realize even more deeply your true purpose, your natural self-worth
When working together as a tandem, it is recommended to hold “CODE OF HEALTH” in your right hand, “FIRE OF THE UNIVERSE” - in your left hand
A unique and truly universal Corrector for gaining health
It works very gently, with great love, support, care - the energy is felt like the love of parents who love and support their child in any, even the most difficult personal transformation times. The best adviser, senior parent, who, from the height of his wisdom, gives deep, practical, valuable advice
It provides support for male energy, so FSC is necessary for everyone who did not have a father. What is important is the energy of the father, not the husband
FSC is necessary for everyone who works with people to heal physical and mental trauma, people in helping professions (psychologists, doctors, energy therapists, massage therapists, teachers, etc..)
Everyone who meditates to understand the cosmos within themselves needs to sit at the FSC (1st, 2nd EC are turned on)
If you meditate to receive information and answers, it is recommended to hold the FSC in your left hand
FSC “makes” a teacher out of the user, who is first imbued with wisdom and then is ready to share with others
Take FSC with you if you go to a crowd of people (transport, events, etc.). It is important to carry with you in potentially life-threatening situations along with FSC No. 16 “CLEAR SPACE” and “ANTI-CATACLYSM”
Structure any anti-aging cosmetics, as well as external products for diagnosed skin diseases
Use in weight correction programs – both for weight loss and gain
Use in programs for improving the musculoskeletal system (compresses, baths, pumping the spine and joints), incl. when playing sports, after injuries and operations