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FSC Emerald Tablet


It has the maximum impact on the 3rd, 6th and 7th energy centers (chakras): it fills and unwinds them, eliminates existing worked out and unworked out blocks, negative programs and attitudes....

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
FSC "Emerald Tablet"

It has the maximum impact on the 3rd, 6th and 7th energy centers (chakras): it fills and unwinds them, eliminates existing already worked out and unworked out blocks, negative programs and attitudes (incl..karmic), which block the work of the chakra system of the body
Aimed at cleansing and canceling generic programs, as well as deleting, reformatting and reanimating generic scripts of the past (individually for each user)
Aimed at transformation, rebirth, rebirth, the birth of your new higher self, new consciousness, evolution of the Soul
Helps the Soul to rise to a higher level of vibrations, to discover the best and highest qualities in itself
Promotes awareness and manifestation of the Personality's free will, a person becomes a source of energy of Universal Love, while receiving powerful protection and support from the Higher Powers
Promotes the awakening and activation in a person of the internal source of pure energies of Life, Light, Knowledge
Helps the user hone their skill in consciously creating reality in order to manifest it in events that are important to you
Teaches you to be in balance and be aware of the consequences of the implementation of thought forms that you create with your thoughts and constantly spin in your head, teaches you to remember that accidents are not accidental, but are the consequence and embodiment of your thoughts, actions and desires
Pumps up, fills the physical and subtle bodies of a person with strength, creates and launches powerful individual programs of physiological healing and rejuvenation
Aimed at cleansing the consciousness and subconscious, eliminating negative attitudes, restrictions, fears, suffering, internal pain and psychological trauma, “zeroing” them, while changing the life scenario is possible
Reflects the state of the subtle plane at the physical level - “what is outside is also inside, what is below is also above, what is above is also below”, connecting and demonstrating the unity and power of the higher and lower manifestations of wisdom in infinity
Shows self-confidence, fills and helps you feel unconditional love for yourself and for the people around you, hones your ability to distinguish and filter true information from false
Helps you realize and take your individual place in social space, accept yourself as a part of the Universe - a Single Whole
Builds an individual level of work with each user, adapts to specific personal tasks and requests

Recommendations for the use of the FSC “EMERALD TABLET”

This FSC is recommended for personal use, with no restrictions for use by several users
This unique Corrector manifests its effect with constant, painstaking and patient work, do not expect an instant, momentary manifestation..But when you get the result, it will be phenomenal, and strictly individual for each user, depending on the level of development of the consciousness of his Soul
The inclusion of the FSC “EMERALD TABLET” in your life should be gradual, measured, start by taking water structured on this FSC, then connect to direct contact and perform pumping (so that the period of adaptation to high-frequency energies passes smoothly, without exacerbations)
Be sure to use basic “blue” series correctors to adapt the physical body to new energies
When working with FSC, it is important to be in balance and aware of what you are creating with your thoughts
When working with FSC, you need to turn to the Higher Powers, to their creative energies, to ask them to cleanse you of negative and destructive phenomena in your life. Express your intention to get rid of something
When working with FSC, use the words “love”, “thank you”

The date 02022020 is a mirror date; such magical dates appear once every millennium. The water remembered the program for 6 days when replicating the FSC.
Interesting fact: the sum of the digits of the date 02022020 is equal to 8 - the symbol of money and infinity.
Application of the FSC “EMERALD TABLET” in life will give you the opportunity to become a source of pure, light energies sent into the Universe, which every person wants to touch and be in the Light.

The FSC “EMERALD TABLET” describes the polarization of the energy portal, which opened on the “mirror” date 02.02.2020

The time for water structuring at FSC “EMERALD TABLET” is 12 hours.

Limited edition - check with managers for availability! Best regards, administration....