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FSC Blue Lagoon. Iceland


The FSC describes the polarization of water with a high concentration of minerals from the Blue Lagoon geothermal resort (Bláa lónið) on the Reykjanes Peninsula (near Reykjavik), Iceland..

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
The FSC describes the polarization of water with a high concentration of minerals from the Blue Lagoon geothermal resort (Bláa lónið) on the Reykjanes Peninsula (near Reykjavik), Iceland.
Structuring time is 15 minutes..

Normalizes the condition of the skin in psoriasis: reduces peeling in the area where psoriatic plaques are located, inhibits inflammatory processes and the activity of immune reactions, the rate of skin cell division, and also improves the condition and appearance of the skin in dermatitis and seborrheic eczema
Improves the condition of nails and hair, increases skin turgor and tone (improves the structure of the dermis and elastin fibers)
Normalizes the user's lipid metabolism and prevents the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system, improves vascular elasticity
Helps accelerate the transmission of nerve impulses by improving the mechanism of synoptic transmission
Improves the flexibility of connective and epithelial tissue of joints, maintains flexibility of the spine
Prevents diseases of the respiratory system, aims to eliminate “wet” cough, runny nose
Stimulates phagocytosis (removes pathogens and remnants of damaged cells), increases the body's resistance to viruses and infections
Fills the organs with healing energy (the FSC itself reads and identifies de-energized organs and systems)
Gives a state of relaxation under the slogans: “There is a time for everything”, “Rest is as important as work”
Immerses you in a calm, honest analysis of your plans: what do I really want, why, how, what is the algorithm of actions to achieve the goal
Gives ease of perception of existence coupled with a smart approach to everything that happens
Creates the prerequisites for prosperity in spiritual and material terms, works as an indicator and harbinger of the start of changes and a powerful leap forward on the path of life
It gives you the opportunity to find support in yourself, to rely on your inner core as an adequate adult, without infantile sacrifice: “Oh, I’m doing it all on my own again”
Gives a feeling of youth, youth, activates the body’s rejuvenation processes
Raises awareness of the answers to the questions: “Who are you giving what and why? Who do you take what from and why?
Raises and returns the concept of self-honesty
Inside each user, it restores the balance of male and female energies, which leads to ease and flirting with the opposite sex, but at the same time to care for oneself: “Don’t settle for just anything”
Helps change the course of events from negative to positive, while an alternative version of resolving the situation is possible (not as the person himself planned), i.e..i.e. another vector of events
Restores the “take-give” balance, provides energy of support and stabilization in all areas - health, emotions, material world
Connects with the Soul, brings understanding “God looks at the world through my eyes. I am a piece of the Divine, I have nothing to fear in this world"
Gives strength and energy to implement global goals for the benefit of a large number of people (not personal interest)

Recommendations for the use of the FSC “BLUE LAGOON. ICELAND":

Creates a tandem with the FSC “NINE HEALERS” - Correctors balance each other, bring each other to a new stage of life in a powerful circle of support in any situation, form a bright flow of energy, in the process of work comes a clear understanding of the essence of all life processes
To work with the implementation of intentions, the following algorithm: express your intention, hold the FSC in your hands, ask to work on this or that problem in any area of ​​life, sit and observe your feelings. The main thing is not to fantasize, but to observe what message will come (thoughts, sensations, understanding, pictures - each individually). This practice is not only for particularly sensitive people, but is also suitable for everyone, the only important thing is to do it in silence and in a relaxed state
FSC is necessary for everyone who:
Looks for ways to solve life problems
Feels small and insignificant, which causes him to lose confidence and a sense of support in life
Gives too much to his own detriment or takes too much from others
Tends to enter into relationships with almost the first person he meets due to lack of self-love
Feels like a victim of circumstances, the intrigues of another person, life in general. And he thinks about it a lot
Considers himself unworthy of the best, tends to blame himself for everything that happens
Structure shampoos, hair conditioners, nail polish and strengtheners, body creams and ointments, incl. medicinal
Compatible with all previously released FSCs, especially: “HERMAN OF THE SUN”, “GOLDEN SAND”, “LOVE”, “HAPPINESS”, “FORTUNA”, FSC bracelet “MAGNAT”. Works in “pyramids” with different FSCs, depending on the request (for example, with Correctors “LOVE”, “SECRETIES OF THE UNIVERSE”, “SMILE OF THE SUN”, etc.)