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FSC Renaissance Era


Adaptively adapts to the state of each specific user, so that in case of mismatch of the energy-information component, it returns to the highest energy level of physical and mental health

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
The polarization of water is registered on the FSC as 11/05/2022, the date of the Zoroastrian holiday of Apam-Napata, the lord of the Cosmic Waters and the World Ocean.
Water structuring time is 15 minutes.

Adaptively adapts to the state of each specific user, so that in case of mismatch of the energy-information component, it returns to the highest energy level of physical and mental health
Includes vital resources, allows you to accumulate them for the implementation of plans, effective work with dreams, helps to create new projects in any area of ​​life, including the birth of children
Instills an understanding of the value of love in life, the importance of caring for oneself and others through conscious actions and deeds, when the words “I love” are a targeted message and begin to be filled with a powerful and deep sacred meaning, and do not remain empty sounds or meaningless phrases< br /> Harmonizes the state of emotional instability: in case of stress, negative emotions, smoothes out the manifestations of outbursts of increased nervousness, teaches to “control oneself”, allows the user to overcome fear by seeing and realizing the true picture of the world
Reveals and demonstrates kindness as a true part of the user's personality
Helps the user to admit their mistakes and understand their consequences as an energetically unified pattern of life cycles “what goes around comes around”, activates the energies of luck and success in life
Aimed at untying karmic knots in relationships (not only in couples, but also in the social environment - friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc.), in love triangles, allows the user to realize their karmic mistakes and clear their karmic load
Helps to intensify the aspirations of men and women for original integrity and harmony
It raises the user’s consciousness to unprecedented heights, promotes staying in a conscious, holistically harmonious state, teaches one to accept and love everything that happens: events, people, situations, the surrounding space, etc.., gives the highest inspiration and understanding of the essence of what is happening
Helps the user return to himself, turn towards his values, desires, teaches him to hear himself, realize and meet his urgent needs, to form a personal space without false shame in front of others (introduce personal time into life for his studies, relaxation, meditation, awareness of what I want and what I definitely don’t want)
Gently guides, provides support in difficult times and situations, helps to build the most favorable path, choose the best direction for action and development, helps the user find a way out of critical situations
In certain life situations, it allows the user to start over and start a new cycle in one or another area of ​​life/relationships
Awakens knowledge of truth, deep insight from knowledge of the secrets of the Universe and the Universe, helps the user to penetrate into the depths of any secret, increases intuition, primordial wisdom
Helps overcome the state of grief
Provides assistance in rehabilitation processes and with any diseases, fills with energies of a new quality for faster recovery and restoration, adaptation to external changing conditions, activates the energies of revival and regeneration
Helps restore the body's defenses so that the immune system works without “strain” and overload, but at full strength

Recommendations for the use of the FSC “ERA RENAISSANCE”

Creates a unique tandem with the FSC “SYMBOL OF LIGHT” - allows you to perceive, accumulate and distribute energy and information, helps speed up the onset of necessary events
It can be a universal Corrector of choice if there are no other plates at hand, it provides soft healing energies, and also envelops the energies of parental support, care and love, regardless of the user’s age
It is good to place the FSC in the sleep area, under the pillow for proper rest, harmonization of the soul and restoration of the body
It is used in any disease and rehabilitation protocols to increase the speed of recovery and restore the body’s resources
Promotes the patronage of musicians, mystics, artists and the entire creative “brotherhood”
For a deeper and more complete cleansing (detox program), it is recommended to structure coconut oil in FSC and apply it both internally and externally (lubricate the surface of the body)
Combines with all previously released FSCs, you can create individual pairs to solve various problems: No. 5 “REHABILITATION”, No. 9 “HEALTHY HEART”, “BUKOVICHKA”, “VELIKORETSKY”, “LONGEVITY”, “SOURCE OF LIFE”, “PETROVOCHKA”, “THE HIDDEN LAKE”, “RAPA”, “THE SPRING OF SHAMBALA”, “THE TREASURE OF SPAIN”, “THREE HIGHESTERS”, “FUNGIMIN”, FSC bracelets “CARDIO”, “HEALTH NAVIGATOR”, FSC series “ARCANU”, etc..