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FSC Energy of luck


Activates the ability to easily solve all the obvious issues in life. Gives a person the ability to manage financial flows. Helps enhance the user's communication skills, gives....

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
FSC “Energy of Luck”

Activates the ability to easily solve all the obvious issues in life
Gives a person the ability to manage financial flows
Helps to enhance the user’s communication skills, gives him the ability to negotiate with other people, build high-quality communications in different areas of life (work, family, society)
Helps a person become dexterous in business and gives the ability to adapt to current life situations, accept the current state of affairs, and see the future

Reveals in a person a sense of the greatness of fate and the immortality of the Spirit
The light of Divine love activates peace in the human Soul
Opens the way for a person to reach the heights of perfection
Endows the user with the divine ability to successfully resolve the problems of Earthly existence
Harmonizes the Element of Water in nature and man
Brings good luck in all good deeds and endeavors through a favorable combination of circumstances
Attracts a state of luck into the user's life through the internal potential of harmony and his desire for spiritual growth
Helps improve relationships between people in business and social life

Recommendations for the use of the FSC “ENERGY OF LUCK”

Application in everyday life, structuring of water or food using the FSC “ENERGY OF LUCK” can be carried out at any time. Additional information: special time for energy practices, meditation, prayer using this Corrector at 4.00 o'clock
It is possible to fix the emotion of the energy of luck in yourself in the following way: take the FSC in your right hand, tense your neck a little and touch the hand with the FSC to the right carotid artery at 4 “beats” (beats) of your heart. Also do the same with your left hand with FSC and touch the left carotid artery
You can activate the energies of luck through listening to or playing musical instruments, incl..harmonium and 8th tonic
Use for preparing and conducting business meetings, negotiations, signing contracts, as well as for planning and implementing all important matters in different areas of life
Actively apply during training in the field of finance, managing financial flows, obtaining the necessary financial information (trainings, courses, seminars)
White color and aquamarine crystal together with the use of FSC give the power of the Goddess of Reality
It is recommended both for independent work and for use with previously released FSCs of different series, for example, “SUCCESS”, “FORTUNA”, “GOLDEN SAND”, “ANTI-CATACLYSM”, “PROSPERITY”, “LIGHT OF SUCCESS”, “ENERGIES OF ACCOMPLISHMENT”, “ TAPIR CAVE. CENOTES OF YUCATAN", FSC bracelet "MAGNAT"

Application of the FSC “ENERGY OF LUCK” will give you the opportunity to become lucky in life, to be in a state of joy from the successful resolution of life situations, the ability to manage financial flows, walking parallel to the path of spiritual development and to experience the emotion of the Goddess of Reality - “Yavodast” joy from good luck.

The FSC “ENERGY OF LUCK” describes the polarization of the cosmic energy channel of the Goddess of Reality.

The time for water structuring at the FSC “ENERGY OF LUCK” is 9 hours.

Limited edition - check with managers for availability! Best regards, administration....