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FSC Energy Flow


The polarization of the energy channel of the date 08/22/2023 is registered on the FSC - the day of Haoma in the Zoroastrian tradition..

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
The polarization of the energy channel of the date 08/22/2023 is registered on the FSC - the day of Haoma in the Zoroastrian tradition.
Water structuring time is 20 minutes.

Opens the user’s subtle channels of perception of the world, helps to enter the state of Flow and be part of an open system, a kind of mirror of the Universe without much expenditure of personal energy
Provides expansion of the limits of consciousness and opportunities for self-knowledge through communications with other people, makes it possible to remain in a state of absolute synchronicity, co-rhythm, and proportionality with the world around us
Activates the 1st, 3rd, 4th (to a greater extent), 5th and 6th EC (chakras), promotes the opening of the user’s energy system, structures and triggers the movement of energies in the etheric body
Fills with a state when the user sees everything that is happening around him much more, deeper, then comes an understanding of the true meaning of everything around him (people, processes, states, emotions), everything is revealed in absolute completeness
Gives a blissful state of optimism, inspiration and uplifting strength, overflowing with all kinds of ideas, the ability to be in high spirits, approach everything with humor, live fully and enjoy life (all this is the flow of Haoma, which opposes chaos and collapse)
Helps dissolve energy-information blocks manifested at the level of the user’s physical and subtle bodies, helps neutralize all negative energies horizontally around the user
Creates balance in the user's life, gives the user invulnerability, protects from destructive influences, allows you to be yourself naturally
Strengthens the ability to hear myself in the moment: what do I need now, what is important to me now, to easily enter the information Flow, i.e. allows you to work with external information - analyze, concentrate, choose what is important for yourself
Strengthens the ability to listen and hear others so that any communication occurs in the best way for the user, gradually understanding comes: why the other person behaves in a certain way, i.e..relationships (personal, social) are built not through judgment, but through conscious acceptance of the fact that other people have a point of view or opinion that is sometimes radically different from yours
Creates a state that allows you to consciously form clarity, logic, structure of speech, a certain mood (depending on the goal) before important conversations, negotiations, i.e. comes an understanding of what needs to be talked about and what is not very important right now in order to convey your thought to your opponent as clearly and logically as possible. And also how to present yourself in order to be heard
Provides an opportunity to develop and gain inner grace, which contributes to the awakening of the sleeping Soul
Helps strengthen the Spirit, protect from vices, gives strength to live in a changing world, creates conditions for survival in the present, protects from dangers, opens eyes to any processes occurring right under our noses
Helps to build personal time management, gives the user an understanding of when to stop in order to rest on time and thus avoid burnout and extreme physical fatigue
Eliminates the state of fussiness, does not allow oneself to be drawn into the bustle of the surrounding world or a specific person, society
Helps eliminate triggers, especially those arising at the psychological level and possibly turning into psychosomatic manifestations at the level of the physical body, so that painful situations no longer arise and irritate
Restores physical strength, pacifies chaos and restores a favorable flow of life
Aimed at increasing efficiency, carrying out any activity at a measured pace, without tension and increased mental, physical and energy costs
Gives perseverance, increases attentiveness and concentration for work, especially monotonous work, when studying, preparing for exams, etc.
Fills you with the energy of lightness when everything flows without internal tension
Shows the ability to calmly and confidently say “no” if something does not suit you or is contrary to your personal interests or convenience
Allows you to harmoniously distribute your strength and not waste it
It helps to “open my eyes” to where it’s not mine and what I don’t need to do, it gives me an understanding of what exactly in life is superfluous (information, people, things to do, etc.).), what needs to be “cut off”, removed from the zone of attention and communication immediately
Gives a calm determination to cut off everything unnecessary without guilt, shame, unnecessary explanations and excuses
It disconnects you from fears and the complex of duality (obsession with duality, for example, black and white without halftones and shades), because where there is no fear, there are no dark forces and there is a state of complete harmony
Allows the user to develop a certain type of protective energy from envy, vices and their destructive effects
Blocks the ability to lower vibrations due to negative, sinful thoughts and actions, because when working with FSC, a stable reluctance to commit ungodly acts is gradually formed
Endows the user with righteousness and piety, grants long life
Eliminates the state of excessive talkativeness, gives the right to vote and the opportunity to speak to the point
Has the ability to manifest, complement and enhance the effect of other FSCs
Aimed at improving hearing and functioning of the throat EC

Recommendations for the use of FSC “FLOW ENERGY”:

Creates a creative tandem with FSC “GREATNESS”
structures information at different levels of perception (head, soul, heart)
helps you return to yourself, as a manifestation of Light, in your true masculine and feminine energies
helps you concentrate on what’s really important
creates a state of responsibility, decency
works with self-esteem, creative activity
gives awareness of the depth and significance of each user’s own contribution to the Universe
First, it is recommended to work with the FSC “GREATNESS”, then with the “ENERGY OF FLOW”
Pulsating soft energy reveals and gradually, carefully dissolves blocks, painful sensations, incl. on a psychological level, energy is immediately directed to problem areas
Haoma's special gift is connecting to the true source of knowledge
It is important in negotiations of any level, family and social “squabbles”, conflicts of any kind - put the FSC in your breast (preferably) pocket or on the table..Will help strengthen intuition, read external energies during negotiations
Students, schoolchildren while writing and passing tests, tests, exams and everyone who is undergoing training, advanced training at any age
Useful for those who take on someone else’s things on top of their own and “carry” everything on themselves, who listen little and hear other people
Very useful for workaholics and all those who study and work in emergency and extreme conditions
Combines with any FSC, especially “sunny” and aimed at creating Love
Creates a complete tandem with the FSC “SHINE OF KHVARNA”