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FSC Breath of the Universe


Thick, dense, powerful, hot energy gives vitality, drive, inner fire, enthusiasm, increases vitality, relieves boredom and apathy.

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
The FSC registers the polarization of the water of the energy portal on the date 12/11/2022, this is a particularly revered day associated with Ized Ramman. Ized or Yazata in the Zoroastrian tradition is an Angel, and translated from the Avestan language “Yazata” means “Worthy of Worship.”
Structuring time – 20 minutes.

Thick, dense, powerful, hot energy gives vitality, drive, inner fire, enthusiasm, increases vitality, relieves boredom and apathy
Fills the user with noble, pure, bright energy of openness and trust in the world, as well as the user’s natural acceptance of his manifestations and states at different periods of life
Calms the mind, eliminates chaos in thoughts, helps to enter a state of inner purity, as after prayer, establishes a connection with Heavenly Teachers to gain access to sacred knowledge, understanding of the Universal laws
Instills in people an understanding of the need to comply with the Laws of the Universe, when the correct conscious choice of the user in the direction of goodness and creation (thoughts, actions, spoken words) gives (as the energy potential of the individual develops) the ability to control the forces of nature, the ability to create a safe corner within their personal world (personal borders, territories, apartment, house, etc.), i.e. creates an egregor of a safe space
Gives a deep awareness of the essence of conflicts - where the Highest Love for good is manifested in destruction, and where the base desires and ego of the individual are manifested, provides the opportunity to exercise the right of free choice between good and evil, allows the user to show wisdom and rationality through their actions in life
Gives a deep understanding that there have been, are and will be conflicts on Earth, and that one should not be afraid of conflicts, but learn to resolve them, find common ground, i.e..reveals the meaning of conflicts, shows the meaning of the power of transformation in the destruction of the old and the creation of the new
Eliminates the fear of personal or social conflicts, gives the user the fortitude to seek ways to resolve them, helps resolve conflicts through dialogue, where the user hears himself, hears others, while the boundaries of what is permitted, what is not permitted and subsequent sanctions are clearly defined, gives an understanding of what it means to respect boundaries and values
Opens the ability to speak, express yourself calmly and naturally, helps to remove the negative feeling and opinion about yourself “I am a bad person if I am angry with someone”
Returns the user the right to express their own emotions for violating personal boundaries, infringement of rights, humiliation of dignity, the right to defend themselves in situations where a person was treated unfairly, while directing them into the flow of environmentally friendly expression of strong emotions
Gives the user the energy of concentration and composure to complete important tasks, promotes the manifestation of leadership qualities, helps to structure tasks
Improves the user's state of affairs in activities such as trade, logistics, accounting and real estate, attracts new useful and currently necessary activities to the user, and promotes safe relocations
Helps attract the energy of money to the user, activates channels of abundance, bestows the grace of spiritual wealth and material prosperity
It opens up great horizons: scale in the head, in business, in many personal processes, some new doors that were not even visible before. It helps in many moments to see several levels ahead, as if you were given a map: before the path was clear, but now it is clear in detail what and how to do along this path
Helps to demonstrate the ability to unite around oneself new unions of peoples, teams of people close in spirit and blood
Returns the user to the correct harmonious feeling and manifestation of themselves in their gender. For women: “I am a woman and this is natural for me.” For men: “I am a man and this is natural for me”
Strengthens masculine qualities in men. At the same time, due to strong masculine energy, it immerses a woman in a feminine state, because.a woman feels protected, and when a woman feels safe, she blossoms as a woman
Gives the user the sexual energy necessary for procreation
Helps to survive in extreme life situations, gives intuition, helps to show endurance, the ability to cope with even the greatest overloads, get out of any cycle of events, overcome emerging obstacles
Fills service with meaning and acceptance - the opportunity to do something and give to loved ones and other people without expecting anything in return
Helps to enter a meditative state, create your own inner Cosmos to cleanse the user’s bodies - mental, etheric, subtle, in order to wake up to Life, hear yourself, feel the quiet joy of being
Helps to show true love of the highest quality, fullness, depth both in relationships with the opposite sex and on a universal scale
Shows qualities such as inner dignity, responsibility, endurance
Grants a worthy person (being at high vibrations) energies of power, allowing him to fit into the harmonious rhythms of external Elemental Forces (surrounding nature)
Helps eliminate the feeling of shame for your body, for the manifestation and expression of your sexuality, reveals the deep meaning of accepting your body and sexuality in your uniqueness and naturalness
At the physical level, it has a detox effect, works as an energy brush, with the help of vibrations it “knocks out” stagnation, blocks, clamps, energy centers, attachments to material things, cleanses and heals the physical body
Activates the functioning of the gallbladder, helps the body not accumulate excess weight (incl..thanks to the ability to environmentally reset negative emotions, rather than accumulate them)
Helps fix the age period, launches rejuvenation processes and activates the energies of longevity
Helps women attract a man to themselves, increase their attractiveness potential

Recommendations for the use of the FSC “BREATH OF THE UNIVERSE”:

Creates a unique tandem with the FSC “CONTEMPLATION OF FIRE” - immerses you in a state of active contemplation of life, leads to filling with energies of a higher order, helps to launch the process of holistic restoration of the body (Spirit, Soul, Body), creates a protective space, activates channels of abundance
Necessary for people who lack self-confidence, those who suffer a lot to the detriment of themselves and their health, who are “lost” in life
Helps to “recharge” in the morning, before a speech, before working with a group of people, especially good for lawyers
Fills when there is not enough “fire”, drive, bright emotions, and it is important to monitor your condition, because... Excess energy can cause insomnia and headaches
It is recommended to conduct gong meditations with FSC, with singing bowls, listen to mantras, read prayers
Helps to undergo spiritual fasts (of any religion), to perform austerities with greater benefit for the Soul and Spirit
Promotes connection to collective energies, so it is good to use FSC to establish harmonious work in a team
Necessary for working through psychological trauma after violence, to eliminate rigid attitudes of denial of the sexual aspect of a person’s life (with a Puritan upbringing in the family)
Combines with any previously released FSCs of all series, create your own unique combinations