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FSC Tree of Life. Thule


The polarization of water is registered on the FSC with information from the Tule tree (Arbol del Tule), the city of Santa Maria del Tule, Oaxaca state, Mexico. The water was polarized by infusion at a point where the energy output was concentrated..

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
The polarization of water is registered on the FSC with information from the Tule tree (Arbol del Tule), the city of Santa Maria del Tule, Oaxaca state, Mexico. The water was polarized by infusion at a point where the energy output was concentrated.
Water structuring time is 25 minutes.

Sets you up to fulfill your true life program, reveals the meaning of true purpose in the potential of the Soul
Fills you with vitality, monumental power, support from the Higher Powers - it feels as if there is more air around you, you want to breathe, be saturated with the purity of the ether
Increases the frequency of the user’s energy vibrations, aligns the integrity of the biofield in the harmony of the Soul and Spirit
Opens a channel of awakening in the Spirit, helps the user maintain the spiritual plan of life
Helps you connect with your Higher Self, allows you to abstract yourself and look at the situation from the position of the wiser part within yourself, enter the state of the Observer (this is a slightly detached state in accepting everything that happens without emotional inclusion, a la nirvana) when it is possible to easily change the path to achieving results, there are no constraining beliefs “it should only be this way and no other way,” i.e. live in the Stream
Establishes a communication channel between the Earth and Space for the user, imbues the user with the Yin and Yang potential of power
Gives thorough psychological stability as a survival factor in any conditions for “non-involvement” in external irritating events (society, communication, space, etc.), gives a feeling of natural resilience
Leads to awareness - what exactly is stopping you from moving through life, what attitudes and programs, and they can be laid down both in early childhood and formed in the present or recently past tense
Helps to say goodbye to old, stable, often negative programs that have no place in new energies, imposed in different layers of society and at different stages of life, destroying the consciousness, emotional and physical body in manifestations of psychosomatics at the level of diseases such as deterioration of health
Guides the user to independently determine and choose their new path for further growth, a harmonious state in the connection of consciousness and soul, i.e..through accepting this state, the brain gives permission, allowing oneself to consciously live one’s life happily
Increases self-esteem and translates into the concept of “personal self-worth” without external and internal assessment, when any non-constructive criticism does not affect the state, emotions and feelings
Creates both fundamentality and lightness, groundedness and connection with Heaven, gives a feeling of connection with everyone and everything, as in a single development system
Helps relieve fatigue, puts you in a state of calm, tranquility, love, inner comfort, relaxation, i.e. brings the user into a state of internal harmony with the external field without the use of various stimulants and doping
Directs vital forces to the 2nd energy center (Svadhisthana) to activate and maintain the physical body in working condition, control emotions, gives confidence in the correctness of what we do and what we possess
“Expands” the will (3rd energy center of Manipur), creates a vector of determination, both for actions and for life in general
Activates the repository of information accumulated by a person over incarnations
Influences the “third eye” (6th energy center Ajna), includes the subconscious, connects with the information matrix of the Earth and knowledge about what is happening on earth in the past, like a library full of accessible knowledge of the past
Creates a special ethereal environment of the Earth - caloric, which allows you to take on the flow of power of the area
Cuts off unnecessary, unnecessary, received from external space: impressions, emotional overexcitation, excessive information (news, social networks)..This is also important and relevant in the evening, because it allows you to relieve emotional oversaturation, information stress of the day, and prepare the body for rest
Helps you return to your resourceful state after communicating in society
Works with the intellect to pump up cognitive functions, with awareness, emotional state in the direction of spiritual and intellectual development and increasing the level of consciousness
Activates the energy of vitality in the user, gives self-confidence for new beginnings, but not in the form of thoughts or state, but in the form of awareness of a source of constant energy and understanding that starting something new is a natural process of life, everything new is a unique sprout
Channels a stream of creative inspiration, new thoughts and ideas come - from business to manual labor
Gently releases unlived sadness so that the user can gently live it and let it go, gain energy for life, removes it from a depressive state
Works with the fear of the unknown, which gives rise to a constant feeling of causeless anxiety and discomfort
Helps to transform, develop and transform at the psychological level the figure of a critical mother into a supportive, loving, protective one
Gives a state of pure childish joy - natural, natural, genuine
Fills with the strength and support of Rod, the ancestral system for help and support in the present, awakens ancestral memory
Triggers healing through restoration of the internal spheres of the user’s thin shells, maintains homeostasis
Can work for restoration, regeneration, healing, rehabilitation at the user’s personal request through entering a state of love and creating intention, then the energy is directed to the right place
Brings all body systems into balance
Works with the lymphatic system to restore proper lymph circulation, improve the health of the pancreas, adrenal glands, organs of vision, enhance libido
Helps normalize appetite and bring it to an individual healthy norm
Activates the energies of longevity and nobility, launches the process of renewal and restoration of the body at the cellular level
Connects with deep currents coming from the crystalline layer of the Earth and restores a person’s connection with the energy of the noosphere (through pumping the spine while lying on the Earth)
Helps to identify and eliminate all third-party attempts and direct negative impacts on the user’s biofield that arise (or previously formed) even at a great distance

Recommendations for the use of the FSC “THREE OF LIFE..THULE":

Creates with FSC “SOUL OF OLCHON. SHORGOL" sacred tandem - gives strength to awaken inner potential to life, harmonizes and fills with the necessary energy, creates conditions for the manifestation of personality in its individuality, brings to a new level of life in awareness, saturates with healing energies of health. When working in tandem, it is recommended to take “THE TREE OF LIFE. TULE" - in the right hand, and "SOUL OF OLCHON. SHORGOL" - to the left
FSC turns on when the user is in the state of a conscious observer. Get away from the hustle and bustle and external noise, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, take the Corrector in your hands and listen to your feelings. If you experience a burning sensation in your hands, start working with this plate by drinking structured water, gradually come to contact through your hands
For healing, you need to create intentions, and the energy will be directed to the desired point in the body (where your attention is focused)
The best way to upgrade is to create an intention to say goodbye to the old "3D" programs of the world. You can write down this intention or pronounce it when working with FSC. For example: “I ask you to remove (eliminate, dissolve, remove) such and such a program (diseases, blocks) in the energy of Higher Love in an environmentally friendly way for me and the world around me” or “I thank you for the experience and am freeing myself from all old programs in an environmentally friendly way for me and others” and further observe your condition, sensations
It is important to learn, with the help of this FSC, flexibility of thinking, acceptance of the possibility of change and acceptance at the level of consciousness of the fact that they happen only for the better. Gives a message to the user: feed, contemplate, give away excess, rejoice in the sun of a new day and the moon of a new night. Everything that will happen has already happened..Everything that happened helped me grow
FSC, like a friend, helps you enter a state of understanding, acceptance, tenderness, lightness
Must be used in weight correction processes
Necessary for meditations, evening relaxation rituals, breathing practices, state reboot retreats

FSC is required:
For everyone who is stressed by information overload, which interferes with proper rest and relaxation
During or after great psychological stress, stress
Public people (artists, speakers, presenters - especially after performances, concerts)
People in helping professions: psychologists, teachers, doctors, clergy, physical therapists, etc.
For practitioners working with the Akashic chronicles
Who has toxic people around them who “drain” negativity in an unecological way
For those who live in the past or in the future, missing out on the opportunities of the present
Who is afraid of criticism, hasty, fussy people
For people who lack self-confidence and those who are tired of communication
For those who have lost faith in life and joy in life
Combines with any previously released FSCs, create your own combinations to solve issues and tasks that are important to you