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FSC Jewel


The polarization of water from the Geisha spring, which is located in the district of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, is registered on the FSC. Sakhalin. The time for structuring (informatization) of water is 15 minutes..

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....

The polarization of water from the Geisha spring, which is located in the district of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, is registered on the FSC. Sakhalin.
The time for structuring (informatization) of water is 15 minutes.

Includes the 1st, 2nd (maximum emphasis), 4th, 5th, 7th EC and connects them along the meridians, forming a connection: the energy of Family and Life + heart (unconditional love) + Soul
Gives you the opportunity to realize your purpose
Reveals in a woman of any age the softness and dignity of “I am a Woman” combined with the knowledge “I know how to use it”
At the energy level, it turns on a powerful “generator” of internal light, everything begins to go well, the husband begins to solve all life problems
Reveals attractiveness to men thanks to the energy that FSC gives to a woman.

It’s hard to look away from a woman in such energy

Awakens feminine characteristics of behavior - lightness, playfulness, flirting without sexual overtones, but inherent in truly feminine nature, like a game for the sake of playing, for a favorable mood within oneself and the positive mood of others. “The happier you are, the happier everyone around you!”
It brings the perception of the beauty of every element and particle of the surrounding world, including humans, to a qualitatively new level, a synergy of feelings occurs
Reveals a state of peace and self-satisfaction, admiration for the world, a feeling of fullness of life, pleasure from life itself and harmonious relationships
Teaches a woman to enjoy every moment, even from small gifts from the World (Universe) - to enjoy a cup of coffee, the sun's rays, a new perfume, etc. Understanding comes - your new life is in your hands
It includes a selective position in relation to the stronger sex, while removing the fear of loneliness, which gives a woman that very attractiveness and respect from a man, which includes the hunter’s instinct, the desire to conquer and care. A woman does not impose herself, does not broadcast a state of doomed loneliness, but is in a unique energetic state of conviction “I am a Woman”
Leads to the realization that all significant life events, including negative ones, are precious experiences that become wisdom..Teaches you to accept this experience as a gift: accept yourself, love yourself, thank all the situations that have happened in life (both positive and negative)
Deactivates “connections” to the user’s energy system that came from lower vibrational levels, which could penetrate the subconscious as a result of the difficult impressions received from watching videos with cruel scenes of a sexual nature - violence, perversion, obscene behavior
Teaches you to build your personal boundaries in relationships with men, because a woman is the center of the world, she spends life through herself and must be able to protect herself and her children
Increases a woman’s “maternal” energies in showing care for children without pressure
Helps you establish connections with women of your kind, open the flow of this life-giving energy into your life and receive the blessing of your feminine kind
Provides an opportunity to restore good relationships with parents, children and spouse, and, if necessary, to “separate” from the information field of false and negative beliefs of loved ones
Aimed at slowing down physical aging, triggers juvenile processes at the energy and physical levels, fills the body and Soul with a state and feeling of youth
Creates a balance of male and female energies in a woman’s energy structure, opens up new facets of femininity, endows the fair sex with yin strength, confidence, increases attractiveness and attractiveness
Gives grace to the gait, smooth movements of the arms and upper back, transfers the body to new settings for the perception of its own and external energies
Helps weaken muscle tone, but first manifests and activates the body block, then the Corrector begins to work with it
Gives clarity to vision and radiance to the look - “the eyes glow”, helps to increase the internal potential of light, activates female beauty
Helps not to succumb to excessive emotionality during mood swings, and also to calm down more quickly, evens out the state, gently switches to a state of silence, peace, relaxation and at the same time maintains connection with the body
It includes silent, relaxed, detached observation before there is a desire to influence a man (manipulate) with the help of “feminine techniques” (“charms”), gives an understanding that you need to first of all understand and evaluate your interlocutor, i.e..eliminates vanity
Helps to act very flexibly in problematic relationships with masculine energy (men), who may have caused pain, resentment, or cruelty
Aimed at the internal transformation of feminine energy - more inner tenderness and lightness appears - this is what will help change the energy to a truly feminine one
It works to remove a number of attitudes in all layers of consciousness and subconscious: causing conscious and unconscious harm to one’s body, self-destruction of the body (junk food, low physical activity, addictions), attempts to “improve” one’s body, which are based on the “I’m not enough” program good”, “I need to train more to please myself/my husband/girlfriends, the audience”, as well as self-flagellation about dissatisfaction with my body: “short/long legs, crooked/thin/fat knees”, etc.
Enables a woman to be conscious and satisfied with herself, flexible, to activate her inner permission to love and be loved, to realize her creativity
Gives you a feeling of complete acceptance of your body. Body positivity here does not mean that “I want to be fat and will be so.” Body positivity in this case means - loving your body, whatever it may be in the present tense, helps to adequately accept and care for it, consciously improve your physical and emotional health, and not torture yourself to please someone (partner, social installations, etc..)
Works with the lower levels of the subconscious, corrects behavioral algorithms that were missing some elements or signals, installs “safeties”, and forms protective behavioral mechanisms
Removes physical and psychological clamps that arose as a result of the influence of negative programs, attitudes and situations where suppressed fear took place and mechanisms of defensive reactions were activated in situations of danger associated with men (violence in any format or its attempts)
Works with fears and bodily blocks, thereby eliminating low-frequency vibrations that carry fear, uncertainty, anger and are “successfully” transformed into clamps in the body
Fills a woman with a resource of high energy Take care of family and Rod
Helps a woman attract mutual love into her life and build good relationships in the family
Creates a state of health in a woman’s energy field and increases the potential of positive mental energy necessary for the health of children and the success of her husband
Enables a woman to realize her feminine “rank” through the energies of fidelity - to preserve her family, her husband
Helps a woman to discover within herself the new divine potential of feminine power and to demonstrate through herself softness, kindness, prudence, mercy and mental balance, which will allow her to maintain external beauty and healthy hormonal functions for a long time
Healing energy is aimed at improving the health of gynecology at any age; it can be used for PMS and menopause
Works with lymph, helps eliminate congestion in the lymphatic system

Recommendations for the use of FSC “JEWEL”:

The FSC opens quickly, the energy is very gentle, smooth, like falling flower petals
Perform a small ritual on an ongoing basis: morning pumping and drinking structured (informatized) water using FSC, and you will notice changes in yourself, around you, in relation to yourself
FSC works at the level of thought - it accepts and understands the cause of diseases in women..When working, it is necessary to ask for healing of a specific organ and all associated organs that were involved in creating the problem (for example, eyes, liver or gastrointestinal tract)
Keep the plate at the level of the 5th EC and while working, thank everyone who participated in any events in your life, but first of all yourself: I thank you for every experience that I have had the opportunity to go through, that I am going through now, and the one that I will go through tomorrow , I thank all the people who met on my way, who participated in the events of my life, bringing me joy or pain
If you want to learn how to behave with this man, do the following practice: hold the FSC in your hands at the Soul level. Each woman will receive her own information, but there are also general universal parting words: just love, just accept, be yourself, take care of yourself
Indeed, as a good tool, the energies of this Corrector can help change the attitude towards oneself as a woman, as well as towards men. Drink some water, sit down, calm down, re-energize and get ready to spread love
Suitable for all women without exception for brightness, femininity, attracting attention, love and self-acceptance
It is very suitable for girls of puberty to heal their attitude towards themselves, their temporary shortcomings (physiological changes in the body, unhealthy facial skin, etc.), as well as at any age, if there is a rejection of oneself, one’s body, appearance, gender
Essential for ballet dancers and any other traditionally feminine dances
Pleasant assistance to all creative individuals associated with musical and singing activities
Suitable for women involved in fitness and sports in which it is necessary to show body plasticity - rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating, etc..
Can be used by pregnant women (drink water, apply to the stomach, place in the sleeping area)
Can be used by anyone who feels a lack of care, acceptance and love
It is necessary for women who are “tough” in terms of energy, for whom it is difficult to show love and affection, for those who are stingy with hugs and touches, for whom it is difficult to speak words of love to children, partners, and loved ones
Helps calm children (tears, tantrums, fears)
Other topics that can be worked with using the energies of this FSC:
Loneliness, boredom, melancholy, deepest sadness
Waiting for events without deadlines, when there is a feeling that life is passing by
Life according to strict regulations, when love and joy may be prohibited or “there is no time to have fun now”
Owing - the feeling that you always owe something to someone: parents, partners, children, neighbors, country, etc.
Relationships between men and women in a variety of social formats - marriage, family, neighbors, colleagues, etc.
Programs received in childhood: “you must”, “your life is a wait”, “you must wait”, “eternal expectation of a holiday” and “failure of hopes”
Theme of learned helplessness: “your life depends on adults”, “your life and your interests are unimportant now”, “disappointments are your destiny”
Deception, betrayal, pride, arrogance
Attitudes associated with the implementation of other people’s plans, both private and public, to the detriment of a person’s personal interests
Criminal themes, when human life is subject to devaluation and problems are solved through violence (or this was the case in the past)
It is recommended to structure cosmetic products (masks, creams, massage oils), take baths (for example, with magnesium salt) and shower. It is also useful to take baths using this FSC after physical activity (for athletes, those who like to work out in the country, etc..), with emotional fatigue and burnout
It is recommended to locate the FSC in beauty salons, massage rooms, sanatoriums and holiday homes
Place the FSC in the sleep and rest area for complete relaxation; also in a dream you work with problems located deep in the subconscious (this can happen unnoticed by the user)
Please take into account that if you have hidden grievances, accumulated negativity, aggression may arise as a stage of awareness of personal boundaries and their necessity, you will be able to see/feel the one who violates these boundaries in order to begin to build interaction at a new level in the future. Monitor this condition, if necessary, supplement with Correctors “LOVE”, “BEREGINYA” and similar
Men can use FSC for rest and relaxation, as well as to work with topics that are consonant with them based on the action of the plate (based on the description). Changes the perception of the world for the better through the disclosure of feminine energies
If necessary, create tandems with consonant themes and interesting combinations with other FSCs released earlier