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FSC Nine Healers


The FSC registers the polarization of the energy channel of the ancient Slavic healer Memnon on 05/12/2023, on the day of significant holidays: 9 Christian Kizic saints, Arta

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
The polarization of the energy channel of the ancient Slavic healer Memnon is registered on the FSC on May 12, 2023, on the day of significant holidays: 9 Christian Kizic saints, Arta (in the Zoroastrian tradition, the Power of Movement, generating the World and pointing the path of true Good).
Water structuring time is 25 minutes..d.)
Raises healthy, kind admiration for yourself, other people, the world as a whole
Allows the user to live life in spiritual purity and moral well-being
Expands a clear sense of the situation, includes insight, connects the user with the energy of the Soul, teaches oneself to hear and trust oneself, to feel energies
Activates the ability to have prophetic dreams, which are not recommended to be told to anyone
Helps to revive “frozen” relationships, heal, reach a new level of mutual understanding and feelings, because there will be an awareness of the reasons for what happened, an understanding of the value and importance of relationships in order to prevent a crisis in the future (relationships not only in a couple, but also between parents and children)
Protects families and wards off misfortunes from the user’s home, prevents life’s troubles
Protects the user's Soul from all kinds of temptations, shows inner, spiritual innocence and purity
Connects with energies of higher vibrations, guides along the spiral of the global energy evolution of the Universe, which brings happiness and gives Light

Recommendations for the use of the FSC “NINE HEALERS”

Creates a unique tandem with FSC “BLUE LAGOON. ICELAND" - Correctors balance each other, bring each other to a new stage of life in a powerful circle of support in any situation, form a bright flow of energy, in the process of work comes a clear understanding of the essence of all life processes
The energy of the Corrector is unique, inimitable, cannot be compared with the energies of other FSCs, and can include a whole set of different energies, connecting them into one whole (fan). It’s as if a highly qualified Master, proficient in various techniques, has created his own unique, diverse technique for working with patients in an individual approach to each one
The energy is light, soft, flying, joyful, but thick, like resin..Directed automatically to those areas and parts of the body that need support and healing
It is recommended to hold the Corrector in your hands for at least 30 minutes at the first contact, then it will be enough to take the Corrector in your hands for a few minutes
When using FSC, you should stay within the framework of positive feelings and emotions, you should not envy, criticize and condemn people, it is very important to avoid rushing in any matter
Place in the area of ​​sleep, thoughts, insights, ideas will come through sleep
For healing and rejuvenation, it is better to structure water with a negative ORP on the FSC for drinking and washing
Can be placed on the throat from different sides for inflamed tonsils
You can write positive intentions for the relationship: “my relationship with ... is filled with love and understanding”
FSC is necessary for everyone who:
Learns and experiences new things (from primary schoolchildren to adults), speakers and speaking in front of any audience, including online broadcasts
Can't let go of the pain of the past
Tends to ruminate in my head about past conversations and events of yesterday
Believes that it was better before and therefore does not see the wonderful opportunities of the present, which is why he often misses many of the opportunities offered
Afraid to start over or try again
Closes off from the present and future due to pain and fear from the past
Sees risk even where there is none, retreats and therefore does not achieve his goals, does not fulfill dreams and desires
Lacks recognition, admiration from other people and self-admiration
Use the Corrector as a talisman for residential premises; it can serve as a personal talisman for each person
To imbue yourself with health, strength and luck, you can perform a ritual: at noon, go to the intersection with the FSC, stand facing the wind and say: “I am imbued with health, strength, youth and luck”
Collect herbs: birch leaves, currants, lingonberries, viburnum bark, nettles, dandelions, plantains, coltsfoot for tea - they, structured by FSC, trigger the healing process from 77 diseases. Before collecting herbs, it is recommended to perform 9 good deeds
Compatible with all previously released FSCs, form your own unique combinations (tandems, pyramids, etc.).)