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FSC Bacalar. Cenotes of Yucatan


Promotes dedication, expansion and deepening of the level of knowledge, competence in areas that are of particular interest to the user, from science to esotericism....

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
FSC "Bakalar. Cenotes of Yucatan"

Promotes dedication, expansion and deepening of the level of knowledge and competence in areas that are of particular interest to the user, from science to esotericism
Helps to discover ancient, hidden knowledge to enable the spiritual heart; they contain the keys to healing old programs at the Soul level
Reveals abilities/talents in the professional path destined from above, provides assistance and support in finding this path and can lead to a change in the field of professional activity to the one intended
Contributes to the preparation of “fertile soil” - a space for the realization of talent on a full scale and the manifestation of the “point of application” in a professional life path, and is also aimed at increasing the user’s level of skill, “polishing” and demonstrating all facets of a person’s talent (perhaps even in more than one area )
Fills the user with the energy of the earthly plane, gives support in life and creates a state of finding the ground under one’s feet, thereby opening the energy of manifesting achievements on the material level, increasing the level of well-being through the acceptance and disclosure of one’s talent
Realizes the ability of the FSC user to influence the events happening to him through the manifestation of his own volitional qualities
Gives the user the ability to master the art of persuasion, which plays an important role in communications, negotiations, communication
Helps to realize plans and desires for material things, removes restrictions of consciousness
Aimed at realizing and fulfilling the experience of the Soul of past incarnations in the current life
Helps to manifest and transfer from the subconscious to the physical level the accumulated talents and abilities passed on by ancestors. For example, healing (herbal medicine, lithotherapy), an ear for music, the ability to communicate with animals, etc..Creation of dynasties
Improves cellular metabolism, prevents obesity
It has a strong sorbing effect, cleanses the body of toxins, and is effective for detoxifying the body
It has a beneficial effect on the skin, cleanses the epidermis, so it can be used for structuring cosmetics - scrubs, peelings
Regulates the water-salt balance of the user, promotes gentle relief of edema
Helps improve the functioning of the thyroid gland
Prevents the development of diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, gastrointestinal tract
Has neuroprotective properties, normalizes the condition of nervous and muscle tissue
Can be used for insomnia, when a person does not sleep, but “twists thoughts in his head”, with increased nervous excitability, stress
Awakens intuition, promotes the revelation of Divine abilities
Powerfully harmonizes the surrounding space, giving each person the opportunity to demonstrate and realize their talent and abilities

Recommendations for the use of the FSC “BAKALAR. CENOTES OF YUCATAN"

FSC turns on gradually, as the user grows spiritually
You can tune in to the FSC as follows: apply the plate to the 6th energy center (3rd eye area) to receive an information package of knowledge (which opens precisely from the Soul level), then transfer it to the area of ​​the thymus gland between the 4th and 5th energy centers (Soul level) and spend several minutes in a state of internal contemplation. In this state you can ask a question, express intention
Effectively infuse (structure) beneficial herbs for 15-20 minutes, the water should be approximately 85-90 degrees (without boiling), then drink the resulting informatized water with awareness and readiness to receive information (it can come throughout the day, depending on user level)
It is recommended to use it in aromatherapy - structure oils (especially jasmine, rose, patchouli, ylang-ylang), then apply them to the wrists (in pure form or dilute with base oils), spray them in the room using an aroma diffuser (you can place the FSC under it) < br /> To gain new knowledge about stones, herbs, minerals, knowledge of runes, symbols, numbers, letters, stars, the Moon, etc. If a person is interested in the deep knowledge of our ancestors, it will be revealed; you just need to learn to accept this information through working with the help of FSC..The information will be unpacked gradually as the result is assimilated. New knowledge will come at the level of the 6th energy center (chakra).
Important for everyone who strives to realize themselves and succeed in their chosen profession
Necessary for those who are engaged in building their brand - professional, personal
For those who want to improve their skills and gain new knowledge in their field
For seasonal cosmetic procedures
Use for meditation, you can sleep with FSC, applying it to the area of ​​the Soul (on the thymus gland between the 4th and 5th energy centers) to cleanse negative programs and restore energy “breakdowns” in the user’s biofield during sleep
Purple color (all shades) plus gold color are the energies of magic and miracles. You can attract them into your life by applying FSC and wearing clothes or accessories in this color scheme. For those who believe in miracles, everything comes true
Compatible with all previously released FSCs, especially in complex use through pumping with Correctors: all plates of the “blue” series, “RAPA”, “JADE”, “UDEC”, No. 9 “HEALTHY HEART”, “NEUROVITA”, “SPRING OF LAM” , No. 18 “SYNCHRONIZATION”, No. 20 “CLEANIFICATION”, No. 24 “ENEPHANAGE”, “SILVER STREAM”, “THE CAVE OF THE TAPIR. CENOTES OF YUCATAN”, “GRACE”, “RETURNING APPLE”, “WISDOM”, “ETERNITY”, “HEALTH”, “LOVE”, “GOBI GOLD”, “GOBI CODE”, “GOLDEN SAND”, “SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE”, “ TALISMAN", "INKY", FSC bracelets "ACTIVATOR OF INTELLIGENCE", "TYGON"

At the FSC “BACALAR. CENOTES OF YUCATAN" describes the polarization of the water of the Cenote of the Witch (Keeper of Ancient Knowledge), Bacalar Lagoon, Yucatan, Mexico.

Time of water structuring at FSC “BAKALAR. CENOTES OF YUCATAN” – 6 hours.
Limited edition - check with managers for availability! Best regards, administration....