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FSC Afrosiab


Contributes to the prevention of male diseases of various types, gives the “strong half” activity and dynamism

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user’s energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and expected strength of influence. Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process.....
The FSC shows the polarization of the water from the spring of the ancient settlement of Afrosiab (Samarkand, Uzbekistan).
Water structuring time is 15 minutes.

Contributes to the prevention of male diseases of various types, gives the “strong half” activity and dynamism
Works with gynecology: corrects, prevents diseases, gently helps relieve spasms
Supports the functioning of the cardiovascular system, prevents the user from developing cardiovascular diseases (for example, heart attack), incl. due to the activation of yang energies
Supports the functioning of the nervous system, brings a state of inner peace
Improves muscle condition and turgor
Promotes normalization of weight category, maintaining weight within the physiological limits of normal (subject to the principles of a healthy lifestyle)
Actively turns on the 1st, 2nd energy centers and the user appears: thirst for life, vitality, physical health, healthy sexuality is manifested
Activates the energies of love of life through feelings of integrity with the Absolute
Helps protect the user from any unfriendly energies
Harmonizes the work of the right hemisphere at high levels of energy, thinking becomes clear and structured, structure, logic, and the ability to set goals appear in thoughts and actions
Gives the ability to achieve the desired result, provided that no harm is done to anyone or anything, i.e..The user's possibilities can become endless with conscious involvement in life and understanding of responsibility for what is happening
Helps to enjoy the theme of the relationship between a man and a woman in the entire spectrum of sensations - from harmonious intimacy to spiritual unity
Aimed at eliminating variants of negative birth experience, scenarios of unsuccessful past relationships, so as not to repeat the same mistakes (getting out of patterns)
Strengthens the inner core, thereby helping to feel confident in the future, revealing previously unexpressed or unmanifested potential - as if wings are growing behind your back
Activates the user’s courage, determination, imparts insight, concentrates energy, so it is impossible to scatter and waste one’s potential, helps to make the right decisions in life
Gives such confidence in one’s own abilities that the question of confidence disappears completely - “I know what to do, and I will do it” to determine important steps in one’s future (vector, guideline)
Fills with calmness, helps the user live a happy, fulfilling life in the current moment
Moves aside internal experiences, restores a protective “screen” from the past (thoughts, actions - everything that can no longer be changed)
Sets you up for good deeds from the heart, from the Soul, where it is really needed
Helps to work through fears, provides fatherly support (does not dominate, just accompanies), heals the “inner child”, especially for people who grew up in single-parent families (without a father or if the relationship with a stepfather did not work out)
In psychological techniques, it helps to work through existing grievances, sometimes very deep and serious, against the father, the male energies of ancestors, helps to feel the supportive energy of the parent even in his physical absence

Recommendations for the use of FSC “AFROSIAB”:

Creates an amazing tandem with the FSC “MAGIC OF LOVE” - aimed at creating the Highest harmony in combining manifestations of truly masculine energy with the beauty of feminine energy, forming and maintaining relationships, as well as for the effective healing of a person
FSC energy is powerful, but very delicate, paternal (wise parent)
Necessary if you need to quickly replenish energy - pump up the 1st and 2nd energy centers
Important for men and women entering into repeat/following relationships (marriage)
For use in adolescents of both sexes whose hormonal levels are developing, and in girls with painful menstruation
To prevent male diseases, to normalize prostate function: apply FSC to the middle zone of the nose and at the same time keep your attention above your head at approximately a distance of 30-50 cm for 3-5 minutes..Then move the FSC to the area of ​​the corners of the lips alternately on the right and left, and again attention upward at the same distance. It's like looking at yourself from above. According to the information zones of the body, the corners of the lips are connected in humans with the reproductive system, and the center of the nose with the prostate and uterus. At the same time, you can attach the FSC “MAXIMUS” to the level of the 2nd energy center (chakra) (provided there is no prostate adenoma)
For diseases of the reproductive system in men, pump through the information zones of the body: FSC “AFROSIAB” to the 2nd energy center, and FSC No. 2 “DETOX” and “JADE” to the groin zones for 3-5 minutes
Those who are scattered, grab onto several things at once or switch attention, as a result of which everything falls out of hand
Necessary for all users who did not have a father, male paternal support, or who have accumulated a lot of grievances against male ancestors on the paternal side, if the relationship with their stepfather did not work out
Suitable for users who are unsure of their own abilities, those who feel lost in this life, abandoned by God, who lack the Power of Spirit to solve difficult situations that have arisen
An excellent tool for psychologists, psychotherapists, regressologists, constellations
Anyone who leads an active lifestyle, goes in for sports, fitness, or prepares for competitions
For weight correction and maintenance programs
Combines with all previously released FSCs, create your own health programs